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  1. Hey there Ichertov! Just follow the instructions that he told me last. Install with a retail disc. I downloaded a retail SL Retail 10.6.3 and burned a bootable disc. Just follow the links and its gaurenteed done. Shortcut to try first would do the efi editor and follow instructions for your card. Hope this helps. I can message u the links for the retail disc if you would like.
  2. Everything is working 100%!!!!!!! Thanks rene. I did not have to modify an efi, the nvenabler64 kext worked perfectly. You are a life saver Rene
  3. how do i edit a kext? device id=0x0615 revision id=0x00a2
  4. I tried both and it did not seem to work. So close Rene Soooo close. I just want to get this done so i can install Logic today. I am supposed to have a recording session today and at this point i am having to cancel. Plz help me get this resolved in the next hour or so.
  5. Rom Revision is Silent Natit x86_64....Says i have 512 in system profiler... There was no ripple effect when i added a widget in dashboard. What now?
  6. I have all the resolutions. I installed the envidia driver latest install from the downloads. In my about this mac it shows 512vram but when I try to install logic it says I have. Zero mb of vram
  7. I have eveything up and booting from the hd. I just can't get vram to be recognized... we are so close rene. Help me get the vram to work and we are 100% up and running. How do I get the vram to register?
  8. I did not see a Fakesmc.kext is this bad do i need to put one in there. also do i move the nullcpumanagement.kext in there as well? i am going to do this tonight here in an hour and a half. Thanks again Rene!
  9. Please do this i am such a better visual learner. I feel this would bring a greater interest to the osx86 community.
  10. oh yea and i cant boot with out the bootcd.
  11. So i now have a clean install of 10.6.3 retail, I dont have QI/QE enabled yet... I did every step and procedure the way you told me to. Now how do i enable quartzextreme..
  12. Also unrelated.... How do i change the macpro version that is in my about mac. i want it to be up to the latest version. did not know if you knew how to do this real quick?
  13. Ok so then the extra folder you are speaking of is the extra folder that is in the root folder? I am pretty sure this is what you are saying. and that once i drag and drop the created extras from the zip i then open the hd icon and put the aml in the extras folder that was just put in there by us right?
  14. Oh my Gosh Rene you are so right about going into BIOS for That!!!!!! I am really excited to get home tonight now and do this. I have the feeling that if i go into bios and change those setting and then my computer will work. So as far as the extra folder and .aml just drag those to the HD icon in finder then run kext utilities restart and whala I'm good?
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