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  1. Mind blowing !! of course I want to take part. In addition, it has logo of OSX!
  2. toshinori


    @exploitmac Im sure it supports Gigabyte 8600 GT. if You have other - you must edit proper entry PEGP in DSDT.aml for your system. You don't need to use DSDT. You could use Efi Strings from efi strings Studio and paste them in chameleon preference pane. But first replace PEGP in my dsdt with your Pegp from native Gigabyte DSDT
  3. toshinori


    if someone have problems with KP in FakeSMC , so remove FakeSMC /Extra/Extensions/ACPIMonitor.kext /Extra/Extensions/FakeSMC.kext /Extra/Extensions/IntelCPUMonitor.kext /Extra/Extensions/IntelThermal.kext /Extra/Extensions/NVClockX.kext /Extra/Extensions/RadeonMonitor.kext /Extra/Extensions/SuperIOFamily.kext Or use some older FakeSMC
  4. toshinori


    Version 1.0


    Working so far DSDT for [GA EG41MF US2H] on Snow 10.6.6 Chameleon RC5 699 DSDT fixes included: SpeedStep SATA USB SMbus HPET HD Audio ALC888 Network Realtek Firewire KEXT for 10.6.6 @64 / audio / network / Fan monitoring FakeSMC /
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