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  1. yes i have already done like that. but i don't want activate manually every times. thank you for answer.?
  2. thank you for share. but i can't start configurator with the system start. how can i put it on startup items?
  3. redsmoke


    i dont know the compile. so very nice, someone do this for us.
  4. @dope! now shut down is working and also my sound. because i had placed my dsdt into the wrong folder (acpi) . but now i have an another problem. when i start the system first it's resetting and reboot but trying second time than it's working.
  5. @dope! how can i understand my dsdt.aml get loaded or not. so my dsdt.aml works with clover and i'm using intel DG33BU mainboard. Thank you for your relationship.
  6. @dope! thanks for reply. i have already dsdt fix with alc888 and i placed that into the xpc folder. when i open with clover efi bootloader, sound is working but with xpc sound not works. and i have core2duo proccessor. MaciAsl is really need?
  7. shutdown does not work. when i want to close my system than it's restarting.
  8. it's working perfect. i have intel dg33bu. thanks.
  9. i have regular bios. but when i don't select uefi drivers, noting changed.
  10. yes i remember. i usually reformat my usb stick every new clover build. and i selected these: drivers32 bit all of them drivers64 bit all of them and uefi drivers all of them except for one thing. that's CsmVideoDxe-64.efi. beacuse you said that not selected this. but i select all these previous versions and have no problem. and sorry my english
  11. i tried but still no changes
  12. i have tried all of themes when i every format the usb disk but nothing changed. still same black screen. should i do anything else?
  13. since 883 version i was not seeing boot screen. i have only black screen and waiting for a long time but not nothing to do.
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