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  1. works for me, but sadly bluetooth doesn?t work
  2. doesn?t work for me, extracted to installation image, now there are two folders "contents" and "system"... during installation i get the message HD is no GUID Table... what went wrong ?
  3. if u followed the instructions and u don?t hear anything i can?t help, that?s a solution which works for a lot of guys in samsung threads at insanelymac and {censored} forum, i just posted the files after successfully applied files to my r780-helix...
  4. works with Intel Pentium D 945PVS :-)
  5. Version 1.0


    alc 269 works normally only works with voodooHDA so far... package here consists of appleHDA/IOAudiofamily/dsdt edit file - edit your dsdt as described - remove voodooHDA - install both kexts - reboot No HDMI Audio !!!
  6. after enter kextstat | grep LPC immidiate KP and need to restore the system from hd image... kp message during boot was always Generel Protection Error no -x or anything else helped to boot again... asus p7p55d I7-860 GFX NVIDIA 470
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