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  1. Alternative Chamber

    All my children were introduced to Metal listening to this music...
  2. Site issues

    Hi @theconsumer1! We'll check what is happening and try to find a fix ASAP. Thanks!
  3. Metal Chamber

  4. KERNEL PANIC - Help Please

    OK, no hurry at all... Take your time...
  5. Yosemite on PC

    Probably you need some tweaking at your config.plist... Attach here a copy for we take a look...
  6. Extreme Graphics Problem[first build ever]

    I think it would fit better with your current hardware, but, I don't know what kind of limitations you may have regarding software...
  7. Make a try adding the following option at the section "KernelAndKextPatches" of your config.plist > AsusAICPUPM <key>AsusAICPUPM</key> <true/>
  8. Metal Chamber

    Another thread with more than a year without a post... Let's change this....
  9. KERNEL PANIC - Help Please

    Create a Clover bootable USB Stick, add this config.plist and DSDT.aml and try to boot the system using this settings... If you reach OS X without issues, get the latest Clover's boot.log file, attach a copy here and use the system as you usually do to check any possible issues... If everything goes well, I'll explain what are the existing changes at both files... theconsumer1.zip
  10. Extreme Graphics Problem[first build ever]

    I don't have any experience with ATI/AMD cards, but I think you'll need some work to get this card working at any OS X version above 10.9... Open a new thread here in order to get more experienced help with this issue > www.osx86.net/forums/forum/105-atiamd
  11. KERNEL PANIC - Help Please

    Hi @theconsumer1, Add here please complete specs of the machine in question... Also, press F4 at Clover's GUI to save your OEM ACPI table at "EFI>CLOVER>ACPI>origin", and attach its contents here...(may be F3, I don't remember exactly, confirm by pressing F1)
  12. KERNEL PANIC - Help Please

    Great! One less issue to handle... Just one question... Have you set "autopoweroffdelay" to 14400 or you didn't changed anything? If no, run the command below to disable it... sudo pmset -a autopoweroff 0 This weekend I'll review your files and find any other issues left...
  13. KERNEL PANIC - Help Please

    Hi! The following messages bought my attention... Probably you have a RTC issue that must be fixed at your DSDT... But it may be also due to some wrong system setting... Paste here please the output of the following command.... pmset -g Also, make a test disabling "System Preferences > Energy Saver > Wake for Ethernet network access" and any scheduled that may be at the "Schedule" option...