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  1. from Harddrive where you have MAC installed ,,and you can also try removing from USB
  2. for kext deletion? Boot with?-s. When you see the prompt "root:": Type:?mount -uw / Type:?cd /System/Library/Extensions Type:?mkdir intel_back Type:?mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/ Type:?touch ../Extensions Reboot and use?-v?flag.
  3. yep your Graphics is GMA so it's not supported with Maverick try older ver 10.80/10.7 Mac OS X?
  4. you have installed wrong Kext means Patched kext which is not compatible to your system ,,use flags = -x or GraphicsEnabler=No ,, ? if all all of above won't then need to delete your IntelHDgraphics.kext using Single UserMode?
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