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  1. Hi, I got mac os X 10.6 SnowLeo running amazing. Its like owning a 2 grand mac! The problem I have however is USB devices arent functioning - but strangely The USB keyboard and Mouse I have plugged in DO work. My webcam, or any flash pens I plug in arent seen in Mac OS X, I checked System Profiler and they are just not there. I know my webcam is compatible with Mac OS X86, because I used to have 10.5.8 installed, and it worked just great in there. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this? I tried updating bios and messing with bios settings to no avail. Thanks very much ppl for your time!
  2. Absolutely, I have the same motherboard, and processor. I successfully installed Snow Leopard 10.6 using SNOWLEO. Install it from an IDE dvd rom drive though because SATA dvd-drive says STILL WAITING FOR ROOT DEVICE, and fails. The hdd can be either ide or sata. Choose Azilla for audio Choose Nforce for LAN, and both of the RTL ones (thats what I did) A problem however is apart from keyboard and mouse, USB devices dont seem to be seen in osX, including flash pen drives. If you wont be using removable storage, or a webcam, everything is fine. Im still trying to find a workaround for this usb problem, if anyone can help? My webcam used to work in 10.5.x but it dont in 10.6! Oh and if you do install osX 10.6 SnowLeo - Make sure you type in maxmem=2048 or 4096, anything above 4096 will cause an error on bootup, but that wont be necessary unless you get more than 4gig of ram in the future. One last thing, im unsure about the motherboards onboard VGA, because I have a pci-express nvidia card, and I used nvidia enabler for that. Good luck
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