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  1. why would you post uncompliled drivers?
  2. with this sort of thing, i always recommend removing the mac HD whilst installing windows (simply unplug sata or sata power) then install, activate etc on windows. afterwards, re-plug in your mac HD and within your bios settings set it to be above the windows HD in the boot order. this way you can use chameleon to handle the dual boot. as for your ML issue... i would guess that whilst installing win8 it has used that drive to store some redundancy files (for fixing installs, backups etc) which has caused the issue on your ML install. To remedy it, i recommend using your latest timecapsule backup (you do backup that way right?) if not, a reinstall of JUST the os, will allow you to maintain file structure and installed programs (most anyway...) without having to start clean. to do that, just get to the install phase of running the ML disk where you would usually then format the HD but instead, just select it and click next. update etc once installed. Again though, whilst installing ML i would disconnect the win8 HD. this ensures that the install files will never tamper with their counterpart on the other HD. it's not ideal, but it seems to keep my installs panic free. hope this is of some use
  3. in the case of my girlfriends dell inspiron 1545, i had to use this DSDT.aml file in order to achieve native res http://limelinx.com/emj7o Simply put it on the root of your drive and reboot. She does however still have enormous issues with video playback, and about the only web browser that seems to allow for youtube videos, is camino. hope that's some use to you.
  4. i'll give you a thanks cheers pal!
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