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  1. I have the EVGA GTX 680 on Lion and all I can get is 1024x768, no QE/CI. I can test whatever you want though. But I have heard that there is no real use until they come out with drivers.
  2. Premium Support Title Install OS X on P6X58D Premium Description Looking to put Lion or SL on P6X58D Premium (don't really care which one, whatever you recommend as being most compatible / trouble free with this board). Would need to be dual-boot Win7 / OS X on same physical drive (Corsair Force GT 240GB) which will be attached to the SATA 6G controller. Potential issue: when I switch the SATA mode to AHCI windows blue screens right before it gets to desktop. From what I've read AHCI is required for OS X so this would be something that would need to be resolved. Additional Requirement: Just put in NVIDIA GTX 680 GPU which must work with QE/CI (using this rig as a VDMX machine) Mac OS X version 10.6.2 Support via E-Mail or MSN Reward $100 Payment PayPal
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