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  1. Hi, ? I have installed OSX in my notebook dell inspiron n4050. Everything works fine except battery indicator. I tried several kext, from this and another forums. I don't know how to troubleshooting batterry indicator problems. ? Could anybody help me? ? ? ? ? batt.tiff batt2.tiff
  2. ?No te va a funcionar nunca esa placa wifi ya que no es compatible con mac ni hay kext que la habiliten. Yo tenia la misma y lo que hice fue comprar una placa Atheros 9285 en Mercadolibre e instalarla en la notebook. Actualmente tengo todo funcionando menos el indicador de la batería, que nunca lo pude hacer funcionar.?Saludos!
  3. Thanks Delgadilloalex, now i have full resolution HD3000, but without QE/CI. Mac recognized HD3000 as 512mb VRAM instead of just 384mb configured in bios. Now I'm working with 1366x768 resolution, dvd player works, Diablo III works with full resolution, but I don't have desktop's icons animated. Anyone got similar issues?
  4. Hi, I can't install HD3000 on my system, Everything works fine (audio, Network, sleep) but graphic card still working as 64mb of graphics shared memory!!! my setup is: mobo GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 rev 1.0 UEFI bios U1b BIOS Settings - Set "Internal Graphics Memory Size" to 480MB I5 2500k HD3000 graphics First I install moutain lion with U{censored} method. Then I installed MB{censored} 5.1.3 with: Drivers Miscellaneous FakeSMC FakeSMC Plugins -> Motherboard Plugins, HWMonitor Application Bootleader Chimera v1.11.1 Customization System Definitions Mac mini GraphicsEnabler=yes don´t boot. hangs system GraphicsEnabler=no boot, but don´t recognize graphic card What can be happening? Please help!
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