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    The LAN?means ethernet. I am use usb wifi (RT-2870 chip) for V5-571. I try with AR9280 (Dell DW1515)?and AR5B95, the?kext loaded but no wifi signal. Good luck!
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    File for ACER V5-571G or R7 HD4000, Lan and Audio. Bios set to legacy. Install ML GM or upgrade to 10.8.1 copy org.chameleon.Boot.plist to extra folder Use Simbios MBPro 6.1 or MBAir 5.2 Boot loader of MB{censored} 5.3.1 check Chimera v2.0.1 r2109 Use kext utility to install HD4000 and audio. NOT WORKING 10.8.2 OR ABOVE!!! Test on V5-571G. ACER R7 need to remove EFI String from org.chameleon.Boot.plist Good luck.
  3. Hi, I have this board use MB{censored} 4.4.0. check audio driver HD rollback and two 887b. I also check RTLxx drive for lan (ML10.8.0~10.8.4) it works for me. If update to new ML may be reinstall is required. GOOOOOD LUCK.
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