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  1. Bandes

    Chameleon 2.3

    i am receiving kernel panic, something with AppleEFINVRAM. last version i was using was around 2286-2377. worked ok, but then i skipped new versions, cause they could not boot from fat32 bootdrive. now i tried this new one, and suddenly something is wrong again, although it was everything ok before. this is booting at least, but then is some config mismatch. i updated fakesmc this summer, so that is relatively new too. but to make it work without kernel panics was a pain in the a$$ too. Core 2 Quad, Gigabyte mobo, DDR2.. 10.9.3. ? Update : It was my mistake. I forgot to remove an old nvram.dylib file from the Modules folder. I just put that there because my old chameleon did not want to boot and tried a lot of things. But now i deleted that file, and this new Chameleon(2510) works nice as it looks. I am about to put Yosemite on soon. Now i know i have a good bootloader for 10.9 which should work with 10.10 as well.. Thanks a lot guys! Keep up the good work
  2. mbr install possible ? i mean from the Yosemite installer, not about the USB drive.
  3. I am struggling with that too. And i have an older card (9600GT) It's not even Fermi based. It's Tesla based. But still sucks. Did try almost everything i could. Changed Performance States Clock settings lately. No difference. The card is all the time in the same clock setting, yet it still crashes all the time. I think the problem is in the Mac Nvidia drivers.. As i remember i had no crashes until 10.8.4-or 10.8.5 So i was about to try that older drivers with 10.9. But they renamed some kexts!! Nv50Hal to Nv50TeslaHal. So i don't think it could work. Anyway i am going to try perhaps 10.7 and 10.8 to be sure about that they work or not. This is how i test my machine: Open Safari, browse here :?http://ink361.com/app/tag/video Open some tabs with videos, try to play them. Sometimes i can play 5 videos without crashing. Sometimes on the first one the UI crashes already.. Sooner or later it crashes. It would be not a big problem because i don't watch these videos normally. And by the way Chrome or any other browser than Safari won't crash on there. But i had crashes when i was drag and dropping files on the desktop! Something which i cannot replicate easily, but it is freaking annoying. I am thinking about buying a Kepler based GT630 video card now. GK208 is its core. So latest second generation Kepler. I have been searching for it. Someone was telling it only crashes after wake from sleep. Which i don't care, because i don't use sleep mode. I still have a feeling that card would suck for me too.. ? I would love to buy a cheap Ati card if it could work with OSX. But they all suck as i am reading. The cheaper ones. R7 240 would be nice. It is amazing how badly Nvidia cards suck under OSX with Channel Exceptions. Frustrating.
  4. Bandes

    ESI Maya44.kext

    Works perfectly on Mavericks. Volume control could be a little bit better, but overall it's ok.
  5. 10.9.3 is out. Will this install on that ? I guess 10.9.3 has newer drivers anyway, so it might be useless anyway (?)
  6. Bandes


    Will check if NVDAStartup.kext/Info.plist has got set a required build number. Probably yes.? I will test maybe anyway, and also on a new 10.9.2 system. I have got OpenGL channel exceptions for a while now. Will test Mountain Lion once again, cause that time there were no crashes.
  7. Bandes


    Great but i am already on 10.9.3 beta. Nvidia is just so slow. At least they would allow to test their drivers on later versions too..
  8. i get the black screen when i try to change resolution or refresh rate settings. but the ui loads fine on max resolution settings. nvidia 9600 gt 10.9.1 add PCIRootUID=1 as bootflag? and?GraphicsEnabler=Yes?too ? By the way i had many ui crashes related to opengl. Seems like there is no real solution yet. But it only comes up at special scenarios. Like watching videos with safari from this page :?http://ink361.com/app/tag/video
  9. Nevermind. I have been wrong. I had to set PCIRootUID=1 and GraphicsEnabler works again with the newest version (2286).
  10. Graphics Enabler no longer working for my Nvidia 9600 GT. Screen gets black when UI should load up and system freezes. Last version which is working ok is 2258. I tried 2266, 2286, both have GE broken. I need to use DSDT injection to load the UI with them.
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