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  1. Hey noname, thanks but yeah, I tried it. The update-version does not work on my trackpad. The other one works ok. Even got scrolling-zone at the side of the trackpad, but no true multitouch-features. But I guess your right about the trackpad. I am already looking on ebay. Only bad thing is: Laptop with extra-trackpad sucks.
  2. Hi there, I'm using a HP Elitebook 8440p. The trackpad works with a KEXT called "PS2-Synaptics-Keyboard". But I have 2 problems with it: - the cursor moves WAY to fast - No Multitouch-Gestures (even though the Trackpad Supports at least 2-finger-touch) Thanks for Support. Kralle
  3. Hallo Community. I installed Mac OS 10.7.2 on my HP Elitebook 8440p. To do so I created a USB-Stick with U{censored}, so no iATKOS. Installation works super-good (though I had to install like 10 times now, cause I am a noob and destroyed the system a few times, but also I learned a lot doing this ) A lot of things run out of the box (e.g. Bluetooth, Webcam...) First thing I did was updating to 10.7.4 (using the downloadable combo-update from apples page). I created my own Backup-Solution in case I ruin the system with a Kext I (as a noob) cannot remove if there is a Kernel-Panic: I used the USB-Harddisk, which has 3 Partitions: 1. OSX Install (created with U{censored}) 2. Mac OS X Backup (I mirror my Mac OS Partition on this one using "Carbon Copy Cloner") 3. Disk (Just some free space, formatted in FAT to share Files with Windows-PCs, irrelevant here..) In case the internal Mac OS has Kernel-Panic, I just boot the "Mac OS X Backup"-partition from the USB-Harddisk and clone this partition back onto the internal harddrive => Mac OS is completely restored to the last backup-point. This solution works great for me as a noob. So far so good. OSX runs. Not working (unfortunately, but at least it's not a whole lot I discovered not working until now) is: - Wifi (Broadcom 43224 AG) - Sound I tried to fix Sound following this guide from "hans6408": http://www.osx86.net/notebooks/13175-successful-install-iatkos-l2-10-7-2-hp-8440p-detailed-process-description.html The sound was working, BUT I almost couldn't boot into the system anymore because of random kernel-panics at bootup. => Does anyone have a guide to get IDT HD Audio working or Broadcom Wifi? although I know, that Wifi and Sound are weak points of Hackintoshs. THANKS A LOT FOR READING THIS!!
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