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  1. Can I Help you?

    Unfortunately you can't trust everyone, I've spent some time correcting many things to it via TeamViewer but it was good that I learned my lesson and next time I will not commit the same error.
  2. Can I Help you?

    Unfortunate to see the dishonesty of the human being, I helped to and comply with my part of the agreement but you did not fulfill your part, either way enjoy your new Hackintosh and be more honest the next time that you come to seek help.
  3. sto loading at ioapic framework

    Please, provide details of your installation method, which the image and the Kernel that you are trying to install?
  4. sto loading at ioapic framework

    Please do not open multiple topics asking for help about the same problem, wait for someone who can help you, and if there are multiple topics on the same subject will be deleted without notice.
  5. Can I Help you?

    All problems solved, awaiting your generous donation, enjoy your hackintosh!
  6. Can I Help you?

    You start with your Stick USB and install MacOS on a partition of your HD soon after you have installed you will boot from the thumb drive but instead of select the pendrive (orange icon) will select the partition in which it was installed on your hard drive
  7. Can I Help you?

    I'm sorry, I'm kinda confused on other people's computers and sometimes I end up going in places that should not go...LoL
  8. Can I Help you?

    Restart and then boot from a usb Stick.
  9. Can I Help you?

    ok, i connected
  10. Can I Help you?

    send me your ID+Password
  11. Can I Help you?

  12. Can I Help you?

    You can't just click next, next, install TeamViewer and I will do the process for you.
  13. Can I Help you?

    Keep in mind that when you type your password nothing is shown on terminal just type and press enter.
  14. Can I Help you?

    You downloaded the High Sierra to the Apple Store?
  15. Can I Help you?

    https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/ clover is a bootloader, download the last version