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  1. Hello Everybody! ? I just recently bought this Gigabyte MB, with the Z87X chipset for my?i5-4670K. As soon as I got my rig together I will post my result, prolly using a stock OSX install. Or did any1 allready try this motherboard? ? Cheers,
  2. neatbender

    ALC889A with Lion

    I have EP35C-DS3R...I hope this will make my sound work...
  3. Will this work with EP35C-DS3R?
  4. neatbender

    ALC889A Sound

    Would this work on GA-EP35C-DS3R?
  5. I installed accidentally iAtkos L2 with VoodooHDA (constant peep) so I removed it and try to find a way to get it working. Everything is working apart from sound, if I take your AppleHDA.kext, will it work? How do i have to install it?
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