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  1. well, i have fixed it, i have updated chameleon bootloader to latest version, deleted all natit or nvinjects kexts and im using graphicsenabler=yes and voila!! everything works smooth and QE enabled
  2. r3zzo


    dont work in asus engts 250 1gb under SL 10.6.8
  3. r3zzo


    im going to try this with Asus ENGTS 250 1Gb
  4. ...one more thing, i have Asus GTX460 SE that works perfectly with this Kexts and with this method, but i dont want to use this card cause i have another computer with Windows 7 dedicated for gaming only. Amd Phenom 965 BE Quadcore, Asus M4A88T-V EVO, 4gb unganged 1333mhz
  5. hi all, im not having success on enabling Asus ENGTS 250 1Gb on SL 10.6.8, i have this card enabled on Leopard 10.5.8 wich i have it on other diferent hard disk and its working at 3 years non stop! I have instaled SL 10.6.8 in a new hard disk, eveything is working fine less the GTS 250! This graphic card works 100% in 10.5.8, i play Call of duty 4 , After effects, Screen flow, IDVD etc.. everything works normaly, never had a kernel panic with this system or any other issue: Asus M2n-e , Amd athlon am2 7850+ BE, 4 gb ram Corsair 800Mhz unganged, Soundblaster Live Audigy with Kx osx driver. I have tried several diferent methods to install the GTS 250, and none worked! its the only and unique piece of hardware that its driving me crazy...Any ideas to enabling Asus ENGTS 250 1Gb on SL 10.6.8 with this system? thank you
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