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  1. fin anta yaa sadiq?

  2. saifbukhari


    Hello mate that natit 2 attachement is not downloadable, cayo u please sugest an alternative location? thanks in advance
  3. saifbukhari


    Okay brother, so i installed natit.kext and it rebooted fine this time and didnt crashed, however still not getting resolution more than 1024x768. There are other wizard also like cameleon and other kext as well, so shouyld i install all the kexts present in that folder you gave or just install natit.kext as i did already. Pardon my noobness im very noob in the mac domain, awaiting your helpful reply brother
  4. saifbukhari


    Brother Im having an asus gtx 680 and im gonna try it on my mac 0sx 10.7.3 as advised by you, however the above two files in your first two comments are also to be tested? coz from where I see it it fails then its a reinstall all over again. Kindly advise
  5. First if brother janjoUf jazakallah for providing this helpfule driver I am facing boot crash as in its stuck at the apple logo and freezes. My audio and lan are working fine. Btw my config is Asus P8Z68 Deluxe +i7 2600k 16gb ram. @1600 Asus Gtx 680 and 2560x1440 monitor Please help me in getting my resolution working thanks a ton in advance Saif
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