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  1. Thanks again. I thougt it should be something like this, but didn't know which conversion.?
  2. Thanks again, now it works, but I would like to know how to define the numbers inside the info.plist? How you calculate the ProductID and VendorID from the normal 0x0xxx scheme? So I could to the changes inside info.plist by myself. Please tell me.
  3. Thank you very much. This was very fast, but doesn't work. I compared your info.plist with the original one from AppleUSBHIDMouse.kext and saw they are identical. The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 has Product-ID 0x0745 and Vendor-ID 0x045E. Please could you update the info.plist for that or tell me, how I have to change the values inside by myself?
  4. Hello, great thing. Thank you. ? But how I could make this working with my Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 or another one. Am I right, when I guess, that <key>ProductID</key> <integer>772</integer> and <key>VendorID</key> <integer>1452</integer> in Apples original info.plist becomes to Product-ID 0x304 and Vendor-ID 0x05ac in the System Profiler? So how to find the correct numbers for my Microsoft mouse? Look Forward to read from you. Best?
  5. Yeh, it's much too expensive this way.
  6. @ GeorgeV73GT Could you imagine to buy me one of these cards and ship it to me, out of the USA per "snail mail"? Till now I couldn't find an offer for this express card nor another with the ASMedia AS or ASM1042 chipset. I would tell you my contact data und you could tell me your paypal account. So I send you the money and you send the express card. Would be great to live the globalization this kind. Look forward to hear from you.
  7. @ GeorgeV73GT Which one exactly and where can I find this ExpressCard with ASMedia chip? On eBay, amazon? Please give me an hint. Thanks, to hear from you soon.
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