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  1. SOLVED! I before installed from an other disk (start the sistem with Lion), instead I solved editing ORIGINAL ATI5000CONTROLLER KEXT directly from Mountain Lion using integrated VGA! Now my ati 5450 1gb work perfectly! Thank you so much Dj400
  2. help me... this kext full work in lion but doesn't work in ML can someone help me?
  3. I don't delete any original ati kext, and I have used original ones. I try to edit ORIGINAL ATi5000controller and ATIradeonx3000 kexts, I try to use flag -x, but Mountain Lion doesn't start. When I delete all original kexts and install your kexts Mountain Lion work resolutions, but QE/CI doesn't works
  4. ah okok, ora si spiega tutto! tutto torna adesso, grazie delle info
  5. wow...cio? in parole povere la nostra ATI 5450 ? in grado di far funzionare un normale pc su qualsiasi schermo LCD dei portatili?! chiedo scusa per l'off topic!
  6. @ Dj400: I LOVE YOU! @TheRacerMaster: Lion or Mountain Lion? @grpuffo e galioto: potreste spiegarmi cosa intendete con LVDS? che schermi sono e come li collegate??
  7. It full work on 10.7.4. It's fantastic! Resolutions work in Mountain Lion, but QE/CI don't work
  8. mmm...I remember that QE_CI exotic work with ATI 48xx.....However, I have installed QE_CI exotic patch, but it doesn't work other solutions? PS Tank you so much *___*
  9. I connect my computer to vga - set GraphicsEnabler=yes - removed all ATI kext - installed kexts with kext helper b7 - repaired permission - boot with AtiConfig: Shrike Lion 10.7.4 Full work perfectly! but mountain lion work without QE/CI and these kext in mountain lion give me some problem with audio card, I can't select "green rear"...look at this: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/94/senzatitoloz.png/
  10. tested in mountain lion 10.8 dp3, Full resolution and QI/CE don't work...
  11. these kext full work in lion 10.7.2. In Lion 10.7.4 and mountain lion 10.8 DP3 don't work QE/CI..... I've a ATI ASUS 5450 1gb. Help me
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