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  1. the install :

    In bios : set graphic memory to 64MB, disabling Secure Boot and "allow CMS booting".

    I remove the original HDD to replace it with a nice Seagate ssd/hd hybrid disk (optimus XT).

    - format the new disk with another ML install on my desktop computer : MBR and mac os journalised.

    -download the image "Asus_N_install" proposed on the russian forum:


    -download "R-Drive Image" ( http://www.r-tt.com/...DriveImage5.exe) and run it in a win 7 virtual machine; the file downloaded before is a drive image (.arc), so in R-Drive, select "restaure image to disk" or something like this... choose the .arc file as source, then your HHD as dest. (I am using an USB hdd case, so in VMware Fusion, i can choose to plug it to the virtual machine)

    -install the HDD in your N56, then boot...That's all, you will arrive to the screen you get after the second boot after a usual osx install, enter Icloud, name, password and so on registration data, you will just have to deal for this step with russian langage.

    -One time your ML is started, go to system/pref/langage and text and set your own langage, restart finder, you're done.

    With this last image proposed on the russian forum, there is no need to install Kext of the "post install" folder, they're all already correctly installed.

    AppStore will propose you an update (10.8.2 supplement, about thunderbold and other thing) : do not install it for the while, or you will have probleme at reboot, related at least to a new AppleHDA.kext, but to other kext too (acpi...not sure).

    FN keys are working (screen luminosity/contrast, sound up and down, keyboard backlight (only on or off, no steps) and screen on/off.

    Bluetooth working, but WIFI not (ar9485 card not supported by OSx), I replaced it by a ralink wifi dongle.

    A man is working on a driver for the trackpad (elan V4), for the while still buggy.

    Sound working after installing "VoodooHDA-v2.7.4.r63.pkg"

    Subwoofer not working.

    Camera work when you use it to take a picture for user avatar, but not start in photobooth or facetime (?)...

    I'm using the DSDT provided with the image, my model (n56vj) seems to be very the same than n56vm/vz.

    If you get no/black/splitted screen at boot, try to add "HD4000PlatformId=3" at boot, try different number (9,5,3...)

    To use the elan v4 driver, you will have to remove VoodooPS2, ApplePS2 and AppleACPINub..

  2. M1530 Lion 10.7 GM

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    Hereby for everyone who has trouble to install lion 10.7 GM on a M1530 (i have C2D 7500).

    I included the Extra folder and the Extensions folder which i use, without problem!

    Remove the following Kexts:

    1. AppleHDA

    2. AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext

    3. AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient.kext

    Then you will have:

    1. Bluetooth

    2. Wifi

    3. Sound

    4. Touchpad

    5. Battery indicator

    6. full QE video

    7. Sleep with battery and powercable!

    I also used the following bootloader: Chameleon-2.0-RC5-r1083.pkg

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