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  1. Due to may Dell M1530, which the GPU has burned I was in search for an hackintosh replacement.

    This Asus N56VM performs well also after some tweakes and searching the web. I found this website:



    Which provide all the necessary information about running OSX 10.8.1 ;-) thanks to marklangovoi who did a lot of research!

    My ASUS is running very well, 2hours on full battery!

    IMPORTANT; use an MBR harddisk configuration instead of GPT! otherwise the HDD or SSD won't be recognized by the BIOS! use 2 partition by dual boot, first OSX, 2nd Windows 7.


    - Intel HD 4000 Q/E full HD 1920 x 1080

    - Wifi with changing the original to an AR9285 half sized card

    - Bluetooth with Asus usb BT21 dongle (now also use of my Magic mouse) + Airdrop!

    - Battery indicator works!

    - Sound, speakers, mic, earphones!

    - USB 2.0 (usb 3.0 didn't used so far?)

    - Function keys (only sound keys; FN + F10,11,12)

    - Trackpad (only cursor, not scrolling with two fingers)

    - restart, shutdown

    - DVD burner

    Not (yet) working:

    - Sleep

    - Full Nvidia GT630m

    - SD card reader

    - Webcam, only light flashes but doesn't turn on by photo booth

    Files: http://www.osx86.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3212

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