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  1. Hello Fau,how are u,firstly happy new year 2014:-)

  2. i uploaded a file in sep 2013 and i have noticed that it has 123 random reviews dating from jan 2013 to aug 2013. Only the ones from sep 2013 pertain to my file. Kindly delete those reviews posted before Sep 2013. Thanks :)

  3. can you teamview my pc, hdmi still doessnt work

  4. can you please take a look at my post? its about the intel hd 300, i made a reply

  5. Thanks, so far so good with this board. I would recommend it to anyone.

  6. heyy fau congrats for ur new Z77 Extreme6 i5-3750K its super:-)

  7. Not much different except currently I use FakeSMC 3.2, Voodoohda 2.8.2 and vanilla AICPUPM (with help from Clover kext patching). So, It would be better to wait 10.8.3 update which is I believe few major tweaks needed.

  8. Can you Plz Release a new Updated KEXT pack from your Mountain lion for Vostro 3550:D

  9. Have you set sata in AHCI mode?

    Since it's a distro, no need for patched AHCI and blockstrorageinjector kext. Try booting with -v -f UseKernelCache=No cpus=1

  10. i try -v but in the say " still waiting for root device "

  11. Boot in verbose (-v) to see where it stops. You also may try booting in safe mode to bypass any problematic kexts (-v -x).

  12. Do u know how i can fix the Stuck apple logo ?!

  13. hye,

    I am unable to boot in OSX,Can't Find Mach_kernel comes when my USB is unplugged&it comes at Chamelion screen,So unable to boot in osx with that error,So forcefully I Plug my USB then able to boot from USB.

    I evenly Updated Chamelion.

    How to fix it.

    Thnx alot.

  14. I'm a bit lost what's your situation. You have a boot problem with 'can't find mach_kernel'. Can you boot into OS X with that error?

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