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  1. who said you need to reformat the whole hard drive to install chameleon/clover? ? While you're in OS X, just run the package installer...done.
  2. Hunt for cVad bootdiskutility which can create an USB booter from Windows. Good luck
  3. ? You should believe him/her ? ? Until now there is no one interested to build kext for GMA4500MHD or X4500. I believe it's hopeless as been too outdated. Apple has jumped to Intel HD obviously in term of supported IGPU where the last supported GMA was X3100 (MacBook era). That's why you see X3100 kexts in your system. Unfortunately, X3100 runs just fine in 32bit. Its 64bit kexts that introduced in Snow Leopard 10.6.2 was very buggy and no further update. Whenever you found x4500 drivers/kexts, they actually came from that version which is perhaps partly working especially getting full resolution on your screen. It become worst in ML and Mavericks where only support 64bit. ? I don't have T400 but Lenovo G230 which has same IGPU. It's very laggy?
  4. you can start from here >?http://www.osx86.net/topic/19652-revisiting-installesddmg-for-mountain-lion/
  5. Since i personally have gma4500, i can say it's not worth, period. The link you mentioned might only solves full resolution, that' all. Btw, not my intention to stop you learning something.
  6. Unfortunately i can't describe more clearly than what you have found in Clover wiki. Why Macpro6,1 isn't there? Not yet there actually. I think you know the answer
  7. There are several 3rd party kexts for your ethernet. Have you tried all of them?
  8. As being said, it's not worth to install OS X on GMA4500 rig unless you wanted the challenges while hackintoshing. I have one which is Lenovo G230 (triple boot Win 7/Lion/Mt Lion). It's still working until today but I have abandoned it since no QE/CI supports.?
  9. First you need 10.9.2 to have all good things from macpro6,1. And it can be good if you have slightly matched processor with the real new Mac Pro, at least ivy bridge.
  10. What did you do exactly that possibly causes the KP ?? I guess it might comes from your custom SSDT, or/and your GeneratePStates setting.
  11. The best solution is adding credit card in your account.
  12. ? If you create installer in USB drive using Disk Utility or Terminal, then you can find /System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist. I guess with MyHack, you also can find that directory. ? smbios.plist is used by your booloader. ? - Chameleon ---> /Extra/smbios.plist - Clover ---> EFI/CLOVER/config.plist --> SMBIOS ? I would suggest playing with smbios first to boot your installer, then proceed the installation. Editing PlatformSupport.plist can be done during post-installation, or when there is no other option.
  13. To fix (bypass) unsupported hardware in particular/newer OS X versions, just edit the platform.plist in your installer. Or use smbios that already in that plist. I have a laptop with gma4500. IIRC, to install ML, i've to boot with smbios MBP5,x or maybe 6,x.
  14. ? It means your hd3000's ID is 122. With Clover, you can use Fake ID in config.plist to change 0x01228086 --> 0x01028086 or 0x01268086. <key>Devices</key> <dict> <key>FakeID</key> <dict> <key>IntelGFX</key> <string>0x01268086</string> </dict>That's strange if your Mavericks doesn't have that kext.
  15. ? You've installed Windows in UEFI mode. That's why Chimera/chamelon can't boot it unless you boot directly from UEFI (select from bios), or use Clover instead. ? Boot into OSX, and run DarwinDumper app to get a full report about your disks. Then post here.
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