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  1. That would be perfect to bring new life to my Thinkpad W700 which have OSX snd Linux on double boot !
  2. It's better if I use my original profile on here
  3. Hi, It's now running, I've modified a file (I don't remember.plist) on the USB key to have it properly setting up a MBP with all my stuff, and it worked ! I think the main thing is that my hard drive was formatted with encryption, and that's why mac was unable to create a user. Or rather ABLE to create the users, but then UNABLE to access it ! So I re-started from scratch, formatting in a very simple non-encrypted way, and it worked smoothly ....
  4. hum ... tempting ! And it sounds easy, the way you present it Where do I start, what's to be read first (like an howto for beginner of some sort)
  5. Thks for your advice Do you think a DSDT worth the pain for just a screen brightness ? I mean all the other things are working fine (Keyboard, trackpad, sound, etc ...) Only shutdown, WiFi and brightness is messy ... and since I have no idea how to even start a DSDT and definitly don't want to mess around with my -finaly- working machine, I'm kinda cold about DSDT :/
  6. Hi Fau7i, Thks for your reply, but if you read carefully, I'm looking for an increase of brightness, not a decrease, that's why I removed shade (no use) and am still looking for a hard set up (into the kext or the plist) to tell my Mac to light up the screen. For now, in my opinion, Mac set the screen brightness as if in a dark room. Since I don't have iSight, (I don't have any light sensor, at least not that I'm aware of) Mac can't know for sure how bright is it outside, so I guess it just "assume" and set it the the minimum (or half the possibility) to start with, waiting for the user to change it. BUT, when I slide (NoSlider) it up, my display remains at a low brightness, so I think I have to tell the core that the min-max brightness it 10 steps higher ... The slider of [NoSlider] works as for when I slide it down, it actually dim my display So I still need to find a way to increase the brightness :/
  7. Did you get your answer about brightness ? I went through every single kext with IO, video, system, control, etc .. but none seams to have the light sensor control feature to disable nor did I find the minimum#maximum brightness to set as much higher (so I can dim it manually according to my needs from the desk slider) I need to (hard) set the minimum much higher ....
  8. I've followed step by step the install (or sort of) and been very careful to every details .... I've seen that the Lion partition was formated encrypted, so I re-formated it *normal* It worked, I've been able to creat User and it kept it, .... I'm currently writing from my ThinkPad W700, using Lion, and recognized as a MBP6,1 !!! Even my Nvidia Fx3700M is now recognized as such (before was *unknown* card) Now I have to find a kext for the brightness of the screen (still the same problem as before ... not bright enough) find a kext for the Touchpad (no longer works) find a kext for the WiFi Oh! and of course, I have to re-install all my software as I've erased the disk like 10 times while trying !! Except from that .... it's all good !
  9. I've re-installed iatkos2 and changed the .plist file (to tell mac it's a MBP5,2 rather than a MB3,1) but it restarted on the kernel panic window again :/ So I've wiped the disk out and started a brand new install with U{censored} and my lion install file ... but now I can't even access the User creation page, it just hang in a loop before that screen !! (it goes back and forth from the white display testing screen to the grey installation background) Don't tell me I'll have to keep the iatkos2 as it's the only one working ? (for my W700 with my poor Mac knowledge that is) E.
  10. Hi fausseti (fau7i) thks a lot for your link, it is interesting indeed and very close, but my problem is actually the opposit ... : It's like the system doesn't "see" that the setup is done. So I will try to access the Mac folder using linux (as it's way more reliable) console and see if the AppleSetupDone file is around ...
  11. How did you get over it (on Snow Leopard) ? Is there anything I can do from a console or such ?
  12. What if it's not the apple logo screen that "hungs" but later on to the create-user screen ? When I reach the create user, I create the user, validate, and the create-user screen appears again, and again, and again .... (I'm on a W700, not a G570)
  13. Thks for that precision. But so far only a distro -I guess Iatkos is such thing called distro ?- worked. when trying with a clean mac install file, (helped by U{censored} on a USB stick) it goes to the User creation page and ... just keep asking me for creating a user ! Every time I validate my user creation, the User creation page appears again, and I can't re-create the same ( Eric ) user, so that means it has been actualy created, but the process is in some kind of loop :/
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