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  1. I found here an offboard ethernet card "RTL8139D" and I'm looking for a driver for it too... But?if necessary I buy another card
  2. Ok, thanks alot for the link above, but it not will work, I found here the correct information and my onboard ethernet is the "RTL8029AS" and this driver above is to RTL81... I'm still looking here for a driver, if someone knows where I can find it, please reply me
  3. Thanks, I will try, and I have good news, I reinstalled the Hackintosh, in first boot the screen got black and I wore a command to start using VESA, but now I only reboot it, then start another hackintosh I have here, and I edited the boot plist in the extra folder with some lines like "graphics mode" "device-properties", but using my old video card (GeForce G210), the video was working, I used now the "Kext Wizard" to repair permissions and to install the kext, and now the video (GeForce GT 630) it's working pretty fine, I'm replying it from the my snow leopard hackintosh, soon I will try it to the ethernet and thanks a lot
  4. Hi guys! I'm having two big problems, first, I'm sorry if already another topic about this (I've been really searching solution for it, for 3 days), I'm sorry too if the category for topic is wrong, and if I make a mistake in the text (my english is weak)

First my hardware: AMD Athlon II x2, MB Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2P, 4gb DDR3, VGA Asus GeForce GT630 2gb

So I recently installed the Mavericks 10.9.0 by N{censored} distro on the hardware above? in a 160gb SATA HDD with GPT, during the installation I kept all the others HDDs disconnected Now the problems: In the first boot I look the first problem, it does not found an ethernet card, but I proceed with the configuration, when the OS is running, using another PC I search for a kext to my realtek ethernet, I found it in this link: http://www.N{censored}12495.com/files/file/83-realtek-816968-for-maverick-109-1091/, but I tried to install this with 3 methods, using "Kext Utility", using "Kext Helper", and coping manually to /System/Library/Extensions, but after reboot nothing happens like if had not installed anything, in one reboot, it returned me an error dialog: After I fixed permissions with EFIStudio, this error apparently stopped (but I guess this information is important) But after all attempts, it's not working, see this link to look two other errors: http://i.imgur.com/VvqG8zO.png ? The second problem is with my video card, I installed following this topic: http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3566-new-109-nvidia-gt-630-native-lastest-driver/ but identically to the above, after installed, nothing happens ? Here, some screenshots at the installation process, as I said before, I tried to install the video kext with the three ways, although have only one screenshot when I tried to install with the Kext Utility: http://i.imgur.com/35c2ahn.png ? And here, two screenshots of my boot.plist: http://i.imgur.com/ljyvAxp.png ? Well, I'm sorry that the topic was gigantic, and thanks if someone can help me
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