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  1. Version 1.0


    Install the AppleHDA and ALC889.kext in your S/L/E folder. Place the DSDT in your /Extra folder. To get HDMI Audio working, boot with an HDMI cable plugged in. This DSDT is tested on a nVidia GT220 512 MB
  2. TimSpaans

    BBG Budget V2

    Version 1.0


    This .ISO is for the Hackintosh.nl Best Buy Guide, you can see it here: >click
  3. yo tim,

    zou je mischien ff een kijkje kunnen nemen op mijn topic ??




  4. You use VGA screen? With vga to dvi adaptor?
  5. You need iB{censored} to boot SL Retail.
  6. We don't know, because Lion Preview is not working on a Hackintosh. The 5770 works perfect!
  7. Yeah that's right, but nobody tested it nor confirmed it working. It's just the kext and it's from Lion, so I doubt if it would work.
  8. Both don't work. I said cards from the 5 serie. EG this one: http://m.market.yandex.ru/model.xml?hid=91031&modelid=6382823&show-uid=773153912987516062 Or this one: http://m.market.yandex.ru/model.xml?hid=91031&modelid=6937994&show-uid=960378712987516605
  9. If I were you I would take a ATi HD5770, 5850/70 or 5970. They will give you the right resolution and work perfect with Chameleon 2 RC5 ATi Experimental in MB{censored}.
  10. TimSpaans

    ATI 5750 AND audio

    This card IS supported, if you install Chameleon 2 RC5 ATi Experimental through MB{censored} it will work.
  11. moeten we een patch hdmi Ik heb een presentatie van deze avond met een TV is zeer belangrijk please help me ik ben wanhopig!

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