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  1. Hello , First thing first if you want to install,hack your PC you can NOT be scare of what is gonna happen , in order to have some piece of mind try to buy a second hard drive and take out you original Windows 7 HDD !! If is a PC those hard drive are pretty Cheap in the US ! laptops they are cheaper, it maybe work ! but i personnaly haven't try it in a ADM CPU but try it and let us know so people can refer !! Sorry I couldn't help !! :confused: OSx86
  2. BroadcomFix.kext - Downloads - Kexts.com there is the Wireless driver !! let us know if you got it working !! good luck
  3. Version 1.0


    This is a kext extracted from iatkos CD 10.6.3 SL !! This will fix Wireless problem for those who has Broadcom as Wireless Card !! I test it in my ACER Aspire ONE D-150 and it works great !! Please let others know where you test it and if it works !! Thanks to all the iatkos Team and other who make kexts available !!! Use Kext Helper to install it !! if any Question please be free to PM !! :cool:
  4. Hello !! I install SL 10.6.6 on Acer Aspire on D150 and I could get a maximum resolution and translucent bar with this kexts ( AppleIntelGMA950 ( ACER ASPIRE ONE SERIES) - Downloads - Kexts.com) I upload it ! So try that one and let us know if that works !! for wifi in my Acer works out of the box and webcam too !! so I can't help u with that !! for wifi I used Broadcom , Im gonna search for the kext in my itakos CD and I will upload it !! Good luck and let us know
  5. Hey !! I went to my near CompUSA store and buy the cheapest one its called "Cirago" it cost me $9.99 !!It works perfect , it may be available in Best buy !! too !! My magic mouse and the apple keyboard works lovely with this little beast (just make sure that in the box said that is compatible with MAC Good luck !!
  6. @ jcwolfe I was using 10.6.6 !! I haven't try it in .7 or .8 , but I will try it !! I will post the results , Thanks
  7. Version 1.0


    This is an little package for those who want to get a better resolution in the ACER ASPIRE ONE D-150(test it and it works) (it may work for all the ACER ASPIRE ONE series ! ) how to install it 1- Open Kext Helper b7 2- drag NATIT.KEXT and APPLEINTELINTEGRATEDFRAMEBUFFER.KEXT 3-Install it (reboot) 4- open Kext Helper b7 5- Drag APPLEINTELGMA950.KEXT 6- install it Rebot it should work just fine (I got Translucent bar ) and 1024 x 600 (its not the best , but its better than 600x 400 ) !!! GOOD LUCK !! Any question Please be free to PM !! (PRIVATE MESSAGE ) or post a comment . :roll eyes: TEST IT in 10.6.6 !
  8. Yeah , thanks but we need some kind of guide how to use it , Thanks again
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