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  1. Got sound working with AppleHDA patch. All thanks to Joshhh, helped me alot. He is a real Champ. I am attaching dsdt and AppleHDA. Conexant 14f1 - AppleHDA.zip
  2. No sound for Conexant 14f1-5069
  3. Hey man.

    Just saw your post here http://www.osx86.net/general-discussion/8168-hakintoch-kexts-toshiba-satellite-l655-laptop-7.html

    You have the same Audio as mine, Conexant 14f1-5069, is it working for you? If yes which kext did you use?

  4. This doesnt have Audio Adapter Conexant Cx20585 @ Intel Ibex Peak PCH - High Definition Audio Controller 14F1-5069
  5. I updated to Mountain Lion and the problem persists. Still no sound. As i wrote in my first post, Windows and Mac show different device IDs. System Info Mac shows i have 1c20 device which i came to know is for HDMI sound. But System Info Mac doesnt show conexant sound device which is shown in Device Manager Windows. So the confusion is still there, which device to use for sound. I dont need HDMI!
  6. raziiq

    Mountain Lion + HD3000

    Its working for me now, problem solved. had to use stock ML kexts for HD3000. Here is the Link HD3000.zip
  7. How about updating to 10.7.4 from Software Update?
  8. raziiq

    Mountain Lion + HD3000

    No method except DSDT??
  9. Hi Guys. I have a dual boot Windows 7 and Lion 10.7.4. Everything is working except the sound. I have been trying to make sound work for quite some time now but to no avail. SystemInfo.app shows i have a 1c20 Audio Controller. i have an Intel HD audio Controller, an HDMI (Intel HD3000 Graphics) and in Windows Device Manager i can see Conexant (14f1 5069). Also in Windows Device Manager i can see Intel Display? Audio (2805 8606) which is different from what i see in Mac SystemInfo.app (Downloaded from this forum) which is 1c20. I am confused. None of it is working. Speaker on Menu bar is enabled after installing VoodooHDA-v2.7.2 (1c20x8086 already mentioned in info.plist) but no sound at all. I tried alot of kexts but nothing is working. Any suggestions in this regard will be highly appreciable. Thanks
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