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  1. Very generous giveaway! Thanks and good luck to everyone.
  2. Thanks for the update! Loving the new layout and the whole new profile thing. I am having an issue with the new profile though. I'm uploading new images for the background but every time the new image is uploaded (no matter the file name), it's still only showing the very first image I've uploaded. If there's something that I can do about this myself, I'll do it. Thanks! Also, what are the dimensions for the background image so that I can start making up designs in PS.
  3. I too am also on the prowl looking for solutions for an AMD A6-3400M. Using a 10.6 Retail disk I borrowed from my friend until I know it will install, then I'll buy my own. My rig's pretty similar to yours, A6-3400M (Llano) AMD Radeon HD 6520G 6GB DDR3 750GB HDD Further Details/Specifications: HP Pavilion g6-1b81ca Notebook PC Product Specifications - HP technical support (Andorra - English) Any help is much appreciated. Edit: Forgot to mention that SL disk was restored to my 16GB thumb/pen drive so I don't have to worry about scratching the disk or always leaving it in my optical drive or carry it around. I use nawcom's boot disk and I'm trying to find a patch/edit to install to MBR bc I have a lot of movies/TV shows that I can't back up, so a complete fresh install is out of the question.. For the moment. Trying to get a dual boot between Windows 7 & SL.
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