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  1. Ok So I finally got somewhere I used OSX mod cd and used that kernel to get it to boot Unfortunately it only recognizes 2GB of my ram (there are 6 GB) And only 1 of the 4 cores in my cpu This is probably easily fixed with the right Kexts so I'm going to keep looking
  2. Hello This is my first post and I found this forum incredibly helpful. I am currently working on an external hard drive that has Snow Leopard installed on it that works on most of the computers in my home. I currently have all of the Intel computers booting off the Hard Drive (Easy enough) But I'm having trouble getting it to boot off the AMD laptop. I am booting off Chameleon and using -v to see what the problem is and this is the error ATI Card posted, reading VBIOS from legacy space Frame buffer set to device's default: Nr of ports set to frame buffer's default: 0 It doesn't go any further. Just stops there. Help would be appreciated thanks! One of the main problems I'm running into is my computers motherboard is custom built by Samsung (305v4a/305v4a) so I'm not sure what Kexts to use because of compatibility. P.S My hardware specs are in my signature.
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