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  1. vite53

    Asrock P5B-DE MOD

    Version 1.0


    This is a copy of the modified bios for motherboard Asrock P5B-DE. Up and running Inside there is AHCI mode we need for HDD I hope it will solve your problems
  2. vite53

    Iatkos 10.7 asrok p5b-de help

    Hello to all. After some research I found the solution. You should download the modified bios from the link below. Try some distro example: to me the 10.7 Iaktos not boot from the cd. May want to create a USB key
  3. vite53

    Iatkos 10.7 asrok p5b-de help

    Hello everyone, I need some help. I have a pc where I would put osx 10.7.1 iatkos DVD The pc motherboard asrock P5B-de The problem is that it has a mode for sata ahci and Loading always hangs on still waiting for root device. As I lay solve? Someone already installed osx on this board? Is there any special settings in the bios that I need? Thanks to all

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