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  1. Thanks for that maxmem tip. I can get it to boot in 8GB if I type in maxmem=8192 at boot. I've tried editing the apple.boot.plist, but that doesn't work. And still can't get it to boot into 64-bit. I have not been able to boot directly into x86 without the iB{censored} disc. I've installed Chameleon, Chimera, and just about every other boot loader here, but still cannot boot without disc.
  2. Where would I put this? In the apple.boot.plist?
  3. Hm, I have the same problem, non-AMD hackintosh with Snow Leopard installed but only able to see 4GB of my 8GB RAM. It says I have 8GB in there, and sees both dimms in there, but in the hardware overview in the System Profiler, it only recognizes 4GB. My mobo (Asus P5G41T M LX Plus) is not able to configure AHCI in BIOS. This is the 2nd mobo I've gotten for this hackintosh, trying to get it configured correctly. Any help would be appreciated!
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