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  1. is there a way to switch off the ATI graphic card and only keep the HD 3000 working so that we eliminate the heat problem..and battery health...?
  2. Look these are my config http://image.bayimg.com/bacgpaaeb.jpg make sure Restart Fix is on
  3. Hi Magix, You can't speed the start-up time because that's the normal speed a Mac would start up with; around 50 sec. As for the restart, yes every now and then I notice some slow-down. However, the laptop shuts down in only few sec: sometimes 2! Yes one can make changes in the DSDT so that the system will recognize some devices, but not all of them; that's because any changes would only apply to the devices already supported by Apple or others that are very similar. In order to go for such an adventure, one need a lot of time to observe and learn from the extracted DSDT (one's own DSDT); that's to say for us to make changes we need to understand the logic of how the language of the DSDT is written and how we can change it to suit our needs....now I just can't do that as it is not of crucial importance...it's the same as having drivers...and time consuming..on top I'm focusing on my studies. Maybe somebody else will, someday. Now just be happy with what you have in hands With light,
  4. Hi Magix, you're welcome. Please, what's the complete name of your laptop? For the battery icon visit this link http://www.osx86.net/view/3169-battery_fix_for_10.7_lion_and_10.8_mountain_lion.html Well, as for the DSDT, for sure it could be refined in many ways: the battery life, the fn keys, brightness (because I still think brightness is not set to 100% even if I set it to maximum, that's because I have windows 7 and I can see the difference)...but the most problematic issue for now is the battery life...for me it lasts 1h30, that's the average. and you?
  5. it doesn't work :S well, I'll look elsewhere...I'll search for a DSDT patch for brightness if there's one
  6. I have Sony VAIO series C, everything works but brightness doesn't which in turn is killing my eyes and battery. I'll test this DSDT and report if it works. Well, my specs comparing to yours are the same, more or less
  7. Hi, does brightness work?
  8. If you have Win7 installed on ur HDD then install Macdrive. Secondly, boot with Mac now and install my DSDT using Multibest and reboot: if it works then congrats if it doesn't and gives u errors boot with windows 7 and enter the Mac partition go to Extra folder and delete the DSDT or replace it with yours.
  9. Version 1.0


    this is my modified DSDT. Well, everything works great no need for voodoo battery kexts...HD 3000 works fully, with 1920x1080 resolution. For sound, Wifi and Ethernet plz find attached all their working kexts. as for About This Mac crash use the attached patched AppleSimbios kext and it'll be fixed. The battery is doing well: around 1h40 though I'd like to know if there's a trick to improve it. In order to install the DSDT plz download MB{censored}. Yet to fix: Brightness (it's maxed and is killing my eyes and battery) for this I need a DSDT patch...but I don't know where to find or how to do it. BRIGHTNESS ISSUE SOLVED: I re-uploaded a new DSDT that's attached here which will work for people with C series. If you're facing problems with ur laptop which must be like mine, at least be classified as Sony VAIO C series, contact me at anassanon@gmail.com and I'll try to help. Enjoy hackintoshing Update SSDT: it is needed for all people who thinks of updating Lion to the latest version which is now 10.7.4, no else your laptop CPU speed will be locked at 1.6 GHz http://www.mediafire.com/?biiwgaz8ssaog30 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This is great NEWS: Mountain Lion is working like a charm. Just use the arsenal I already uploaded and you'll be fine. Please make sure to follow this guide tutorial: so far is the best one though it is in Spanish. http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=995 NT: as for people asking for their graphic card not working, I just don't know. They should learn how to patch their DSD, or look for people with the same laptop as theirs. Arrividerci
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