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  1. Ok I want to give the last resort a go but please just help me with how do I get the kext into the dmg file so I can get the install past [ PCI configuration begin ] ? ps thanks so much for all the help so far noname.
  2. Good day again noname, I looked at it and gave it a bash but still stuck at the same [ PCI configuration begin ]. running low on ideas on my side now. but on the up side got a nice recipe for getting 0sx 10.6.8 64bit running 100% on it.
  3. Hallo noname. thanks for the reply again. mmmm this is hard 10.7 hates me. I gave them both a bash but no luck at all I'm still stuck at the install proses at [ PCI configuration begin ]. Any other things that might help me get a install going ?
  4. Thanks once again for the reply and suggestions noname. I gave the following a bash as boot flags : 1: -v npci=0x3000 2: -v npci=0x2000 3: -v GraphicsEnabler=No 4: -v GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000 5: -v GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x3000 But no luck. I also downloaded the iATKOS L2 img file again from another source and burnd 2 dvd copies just to be 100% sure the disk I'm using is ok. Is there any other flags I can try in this situation ?
  5. thank for the reply noname, I have gone round the form and tried a lot of flags. I gave the npci=0x2000 a bash and left the system for 20min at the PCI configuration begin ] screan but no luck there. I tackled OSx 10.6.3 and upgraded to 10.6.8 with the help of MB{censored} and had a hell of a time on the GT740 because the realtek ALC888 sound chip made the system also stop at [ PCI configuration begin ] when rebooting after 10.6.8 upgrade. To get 10.6.8 running I installed 10.6.3 with no audio drivers and also in the upgrade left the system without audio drivers and OSx 10.6.8 booted and I looked at the 10.6.8 desktop for the first time. Can that be the cause of the [ PCI configuration begin ] on the iATKOS L2 installation boot up ? and is there a workaround for that audio chip if it is the culprit ?
  6. Good day to you all, First of thanks for taking the time to read my post. I need help with a MSI GT740 laptop with the ATI 5870 vga. I want to install iATKOS L2 and just can?t get it working. Tried lots of boot flags and and and but I can?t get it to boot into the installer at all. If anyone has any Ideas please share all your input is appreciated and I?m grateful for any help. As a side note I can install iATKOS S3 v2 with success using the boot flag ?-v busratio=12? Just an added thing, I now iATKOS booting up to [ PCI configuration begin ] but that?s where it stops. Thanks all. Just an added thing, I now iATKOS booting up to [ PCI configuration begin ] but that?s where it stops.
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