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  1. @abdouoi There's no really a point to patch your kernel if you don't have the problem in the first place.
  2. @karisx This patch only makes it so you wont ever recieve the lapic kernel panic. It doesn't affect anything about the kext cache at all. ? Since -f tells the kernel to ignore the kext cache and load all avaliable kexts, then I assume your porblem is related to not having some necessary kexts in you kext cache. Try rebuilding the cache.
  3. @sherlocks Hey! Haven't heard from you in forever. I've been busy latley too. School is taking up all my free time. ? I've been working on a program for Linux that lets you create a bootable OS X USB. I'm looking for people to test it, so send me an email if your interested ? Thanks!
  4. Lol thanks again. I love how I don't have to test anything myself anymore
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation BadNumberBoy.
  6. @noname Thanks for the heads up. Can you send me the DP6 kernel so I can add support for it?
  7. @aswin0 Feel free to send me the original and modified kernel so I can take a look at them. What boot loader are you using?
  8. @dawilliams660 Can you be more specific about why it's not working? What part are you having difficulties with?
  9. @dawilliams660 The instructions to use this are in the readme file. Here's them verbatim: . If you receive a kernel panic while booting with -v thats similar to: "Local APIC Error, ESR: 64\n" @/source/xnu/xnu_1504.15.2/osfmk/1386/lapic.c:704" then this app will fix this problem. Boot with cpus=1 in order to get to your desktop, then run this app. After you successfully patch your kernel you can now boot without cpus=1 and you won't get that kernel panic anymore. So after you update to 10.8.4, you'll get a kernel panic when booting that looks similar to the one just mentioned. So follow the instructions which says to boot with cpus=1 in order to get to your desktop. Now run this app to patch the 10.8.4 kernel that was installed when you updated. Now you can boot without cpus=1.
  10. @rwang100 There's a readme file in the download that goes over the differences. To fix the problem, I had to changed << to .put in the code because the overloaded insertion operator can't handle some characters because it thinkgs they're invalid. The .put member function doesn't have this limitation. Glad we got it to work @Haper82 Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Guess it had problems with me uploading a file with the same name? Got it uploaded now. Try it out and get back to us
  12. @rwang100 XD I can't believe I forgot to upload the newer version Can you boot successfully with the original unmodified kernel and cpus=1?
  13. @calin1975 Haven't tested it personally, but it should work for. By default my program creates a backup of the original kernel, so there's no harm in testing it out. Also it'll tell you if it successfully patched the kernel or not, so it's worth giving it a try.
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