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  1. I finally get Wi-Fi working But I get another problem. I can see my, and many other networks in settings, but can not connect to them I tried many networks but none is working.? PLEASE HELP ME
  2. Hi everyone!! I've working hackintosh (OSX 10.8.5), but also have some problems I have problem with Wi-Fi. My Wi-Fi is AR9287! I've tried all IO80211Family.kext files, but all of them is not working(They just do not loading from "Extra" or "System/Libraries/Extra"). Please help me! Maybe there are any patch for this or anything else??? I don't know what to do! Please help me!! P.S. Sorry for my bad English!
  3. Sorry! But I can not find answer to my question in that topic!
  4. Hi! I just installed OSx on my PC with myHack. And now I want to set my computer to boot in OSx partition (in which is Chameleon)! But in Windows I can not perform this action! And in ?Mac OS settings I get this (only Windows partition)! Help me Please! I do not know what to do!!
  5. I did that yesterday, but it does not help!
  6. No! The problem is that there is no green light in Ethernet conection!!
  7. Please help anybody!! How can i get EthernetbuiltIn=yes working? I have the latest chameleon!
  8. Yes I did all this steps!!! But it does not help!!
  9. I did all this steps but it does not working. At first I add the Ethernet, but when I add the Wi-Fi it is showing like Wi-Fi, not like Ethernet adapter. May the problem is in it?
  10. Hi! I have a problem with Appstore, and want to solve it, but i can not make ethernet working! I have configure a network preferences, but it says "Either the cable for Ethernet is not plugged in or the device at the other end is not responding." But i have an Ethernetbuiltin=yes string in my org.chameleon.boot.plist ! Please help me to solve this problem!!!
  11. No! I do not have DSDT. I don't even know what is it. How can I get it? Is it necessary for well working hackintosh? Are their any Kexts that could solve my problem?
  12. When I shut down Mac OS X, it shuts down well, but computer dose not shut down, it's "working" with black screen and without any OS! What can I do to solve this problem? P.S. Sorry for bad English!!
  13. Help me PLEASE!!! I can not even boot to my hackintosh!! I get this screen every time I want to boot!! And sorry if my English is not so good!
  14. Hi! I had an excellent working hackintosh 10.8! But yesterday I started getting this screen!! Please help!!
  15. How and where can I edit device ID??
  16. But, what about AR9227 ? Please HELP
  17. I have the same problem but with Atheros AR9227! Please help!!!
  18. That does not help. But i can see my device in Devices list with System Info app! Please help i do not know what to do!
  19. Anyone tried this on 10.8? Does it works?
  20. Help Please. I do not know what app to use! I tried Network in System Preferences, but there is not Wi-Fi!
  21. I bought new TL-WN751ND and install kext for Atheros 9287. In my system info in Wi-Fi is this: Now, what ap should I use to connect to my Wi-Fi network?
  22. As I said I have the same problem but I don't have DSDT, what I should do to fix this problem.
  23. The same problem! But sometimes I can shutdown normally!!!
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