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  1. Oh its Eulemur not shrink in my last step
  2. I LOVE YOU!!! Running on Acer 3820TG with HD5470(512mb), full resolution and of course QE/CI! Fresh installed Lion (from USB created with U{censored}), used Mutlibeast to install EasyBeast (only, no extensions) and for some ps2 driver etc. Then updated the "boot" file with the boot file from Chameleon r2000 Bootloader, followed your tutorial. Configured VNC, fist boot with AtiConfig=Shrink and VNC-screen sharing from second PC. Used EDID-Injection, reboot -> WORKS PERFECT with Shrink; THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
  3. Works perfekt with Lion on Acer 3820TG, thanks!
  4. Works fine with Lion on Acer 3820TG, thanks!
  5. termb

    Voodoo Battery

    Works fine with Lion on Acer 3820TG, thanks!
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