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    Chirs got a reaction from AravindManoj for a file, Lenovo U510 & Yosemite 10.10.1   
    Here You Have the full pack for the U510 =)
    Info: There is nothing "broken"! I don´t support the BCM94322****
    Please first read, then downloaded it!
    Update Pack for 10.10.2 Aviable =)
    Included with BCM4352HBM Files
    Enjoy =)
    (Speedstep ist only with Clover 2795 and the Bootflag -xcpm working!
    New Files are FakeSMC and VoodooPS2 from Rehabman. / Thank´s you Guys!
    For boot without "Still Waiting for Root Device": delete from IOUSBFamily.kext/Plugins/ ->AppleUSBXHCI.kext<-
    And for now Trim Enabler is making "S.w.f.r.d." Panic!
    You must use "kext-dev-mode=Yes"for Working Sound and Battery.)
    Have Fun =)
    With Yosemite Works MaciASL no longer meet for precautions!
    Update to Clover!
    For the New Version you need only Take this in the Configurator
    a SSDT (my is generate by Clover the SSDT_6x.aml)
    in ACPI:
    - Drop OEM
    - Generate P-State
    - Generate C-STate
    Tested with Clover v2k_3065!
    Have Fun Guy´s =)
    And here my Other for WiFi BCM4352HBM:
    at next time is coming a updated file with files for Wifi Card included =)
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