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  1. Thanks for your answer, I know it's running @75% because under Win7 it's the same and I regulate it by software SAPPHIRE TRIXX. But I can't do it under OS X. I finally find a solution, I flashed my V BIOS with the latest found on Gigabyte site (F3C) , after that, I was able to modify the V Bios under WIN7 with RBE and modify the fan speed regulation rules. Flash, restart, and it was ok, either under WIN7 or OSX GraphicsEnabler=No and no AtiConfig Consider my problem is SOLVED
  2. Hello. I'm running ML2 iAtkos release updated on 10.8.4, everything is working great, except the fan of my GPU Gigabyte HD6850 which is always running @75%, it's very loud!! I flashed the GPU card BIOS to fix the fan speed with EBE on Win7, but it has no impact, the fan still turning @75%... Have you ever heard about such a problem? Is there a way to fix it? Many thanks.
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