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  1. Okay just tried it. Same "OsxAptipFixDrv" error. This is very weird... Edit: I removed the flash drive with the newly installed clover and tried to boot again from my clover on the HDD and it worked! But I guess my video driver did something and when it loads to the login screen the video cuts off. :/ I used the install app from here for Radeon r9 270/290/x and it worked on 10.9.0 :/ Edit2: just tried booting into safe mode it's doing the same thing. When it loads and it's supposed to show the login screen the monitor signal cuts off Edit3: it works fine when I unplug and plug the cable from the PC. Weird stuff
  2. Also without caches I guess you mean to add -f to the boot arguments, correct?
  3. did it, but on the USB in the folder drivers64UEFI there is no HFSPlus.efi, buit there is a?VBoxHfs-64.efi.?Does it also work?
  4. To reinstall? Or what? And I can try to reset but I don't know if this will do anything.?
  5. Well the install log in the folder says the following Installer version: v2k r2752 EFI bootloaderwhich is not the latest version. Although I can't really update it from Windows can I? And I can't boot into OSX. I just tried booting only with?OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi but that didn't work for me. It still shows the error shown in the first picture. And as I said only with?OsxLowMemFixDrv-64.efi it just hangs on the?"root device uuid is "..." ? Is there anything I can do or is my only chance to reinstall?
  6. I have acces to the partition where clover is installed from Windows, but I don't really see how to make the change. Can you give me some pointers?? Thanks in advance! ? edit: Should I just delete the?OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi?file ? ? Edit2: When I do that it just hangs on the "root device uuid is "..."
  7. Hey, I updated my Mavericks to 10.9.4 today and it doesn't want to boot anymore. ? This is the error: what can I do? I tried using slide=0, but it didn't work.
  8. Thank you I tried before but there were 2 different "Clover Boot Options" and I only tried on the 1st one. I tried from the second now and it's FIXED! Thank you very much!!!
  9. Clover Boot Options? Clover Menu? The USB Clover or the installation??
  10. There is no error whatsoever. It just boots directly to the UEFI BIOS as there is no bootloader. I don't know why it does that. Windows boots just fine, but not OS X // the bootloaders for it
  11. The last version of HWSensors or Clover? And Yes, I install Clover on my OS X drive, isn't that correct??
  12. I tried with the instructions from this topic?but it didn't work for me. It still won't boot from the HDD only with help of the USB Drive.?
  13. Hello, I installed OS X 10,9 without any issues whatsoever but my only problem is that it only boots from the USB Drive. I tried various of different stuff like trying a different bootloader, different UEFI settings but nothing seems to be working. You can see my specs here:?http://valid.x86.fr/66qut7 This is how my drives look like:?http://puu.sh/a3MiZ/31ed29bd1a.png OS X is installed on the 931,51 GB partition of the Disk 1 drive.? Could it be because OS X is on Disk 1 and not 0? And why does that matter when I remove windows from the boot order completely and only leave the HDD drive Disk 1?? Thanks in advance!
  14. So, I have my hackbook running without any problems, but the sleep is not quite working... it only turns the display off, but the HDD and the fans are still running... When I click it wakes up, but it's not really usefull when it's that way. I have the latest SleepEnabler.kext, but it's not working for me. I have Acer Aspire 5738G. Thanks in advance!
  15. This is not an installation problem... this is an update problem... I don't use distro, I use custom clean installation using myHack... After I updated to 10.8.2, I am having this issue with the booting, before that it was fine... I think you can't understand me completely..
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