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  1. Hi kyndder, Thank you for the reply I have another question. The iso with the Chameleon loader is patched recently, Feb 2012. It seems to be working for most people. I have an a BIOS (2008, Dell Laptop) which seems to be latest one available. So I switched SATA to ACHI but I dont know whether there is some other setting, which I cant change. Could it be a hardware limitation of some sort? Just a noob doubt
  2. Hi, I tried the switches below but it gets stuck at [PCI Configuration begins] have tried the following switches. But no results. "-v GraphicsEnabler=No" "-v GraphicsEnabler=No SMBIOS=No" "-v GraphicsEnabler=No ncpi=0x2000" "-v GraphicsEnabler=No ncpi=0x2000 SMBIOS=No" "-v GraphicsEnabler=No ncpi=0x3000" "-v GraphicsEnabler=No ncpi=0x3000 SMBIOS=No" Have anyone had similar problems and solved it?
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