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  1. Hi, I recently hackintoshed a friends gaming computer and mostly everything is working fine. One of the things that isn't working is getting the resolution right. The graphics card is detected natively and is working fine but his TV is an issue with both Windows and OS X. In windows, Nvidia provides a utility to create a custom resolution that fits the TV perfectly. On OS X, there is an overscan checkbox in the display settings of System Preferences but there is no slider to adjust how much. When it is checked the display is too zoomed in. When it is unchecked the display is too small and there is about a one inch gap on the sides and half an inch gap on the top and bottom. I tried SwitchresX but it was very confusing and I was unable to apply the custom resolution.? ? I am not a newbie and have a lot of knowledge when it comes to PC's and Mac's. I've tried everything I know and nothing worked. When the PC is hooked up to a monitor the resolution is fine. The problem is when its hooked up to the TV which is the primary place it is used ? I tried all TV picture mode settings/overscan/resolution combos and none worked ? Its using an Nvidia 740 4GB Superclocked graphics card and is connected to the TV using HDMI
  2. Hi, thanks for responding. The Windows install isn't corrupt. When it boots it works fine and never fails to boot once it starts. The problem, I believe, is with clover. When I plug in my Windows 7 installation USB and try to boot from it in clover it Boots into the Windows 10 install on my SSD. When the Windows 7 installer flash drive is not plugged in there is no way to boot into Windows.?
  3. Hi, heres mt situation. I installed OS X for a friend yesterday and we almost have it working perfect. The problem now is that we can't get it to boot windows. When booting the PC the clover screen shows 4 options which are "Boot Clover from EFI" Boot Windows from" "Boot Mac OS X from Macintosh HD" and "boot recovery from Macintosh HD" Clicking Boot Windows from results in a black screen and the only way to fix it is to reset the computer. I tried adding the NTFS.efi file and changing the boot to LegacyBIOSDefault but it didn't change anything. Heres where it gets weird, Once it wouldn't boot Windows I thought Windows might need to be reinstalled. I made a UEFI windows install USB and tried to boot it. When I chose it as the boot device the screen flashed twice and then it brought me into the clover boot loader screen. I knew that shouldn't have happened but I decided to try booting the install flash drive from Clover and rather then booting the installer it took me straight into the windows install we have on the computer. I don't understand how this happened but for some reason attempting to boot the Windows installer from clover actually just boots windows. It's good that this lets us get into Windows but I would not like to have to leave that flash drive in there forever. The current setup is that Windows is running on one partition of the SSD and Mac OS X is running on the other partition of the SSD. Booting into Mac works fine, booting into Windows is the problem
  4. Yosemite 10.10 son sürüme sahip Geforce GT 430 iş olun yapabilirsiniz
  5. Hi are there any plans to get this working with the latest release of Yosemite? I tried your guide but it just results in a black screen on the latest build of Yosemite. I've tried it with the boot flags GraphicsEnabler=Yes and GraphicsEnabler=No. I also installed the latest cuda 9/19/14 and the latest web drivers. Everything I tried still resulted in a black screen.
  6. Just Reinstalled and I am now trying your kext now. I am going to skip the cuds install for now because I believe that is causing the problem.
  7. Any other suggestions? Your 10.8.4 Kexts forked great for me.
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