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  1. That is for the Z77 Performance
  2. That link was for the Professional-M motherboard
  3. Can someone make me a DSDT for this motherboard and Nvidia 660ti graphics as there isn't one already made.
  4. I have tried before to do it but had no idea how to do the stuff to make it work thats why I was hoping that someone could assist me in doing it
  5. I have a motherboard that has no already made DSDT and I have no idea how to make one. Someone made me one before but I dont know where it is and who the guy is anymore so I wanted to know if anyone else will help me?
  6. I am trying to install Snow Leopard on my AMD system and i keep getting: Memory Allocation error! I have heard of people successfully installing Snow Leopard on their AMD machines so i dont what it wrong
  7. I cant seem to find how to insert an attachment and where do i find IOreg? I found where to upload the DSDT but the file is larger than the limit
  8. Somebody has finally released a Mountain Lion kext for my ethernet card but when i try to change it to en0 and restart it keeps going back to fw0. I need help.
  9. So then what will as i really want to be able to sign in.
  10. The kext that i installed was for Lion and i heard that Mountain Lion is mostly 64bit now so do i have to make the kext myself?
  11. Unfortuantly it didnt work, so now what do i do
  12. I found the kext for my NIC card but i dont know how to install it
  13. I already have that but i am not running off of built in ethernet so should i delete it?
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