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  1. xxwaseexx

    Help me !!

    I am thinking that since broadcom 802.11n isn't working in mac 10.8.2 in my Lenovo g580 Can you please tell me which USB wifi i should buy for it? and i saw many but they were also with 802.11n so tell me about usb which will work for sure? REPLY kindly,,Thanks
  2. xxwaseexx

    I need broadcom 802.11n wifi driver

    Thanks for reply and how do i have to replace it?
  3. Is there any way to fix this driver????? any heckkkkkk?? i just bought lenovo g580 because some where i read that everything works fine and damn this wifi driver isn't working at all?? please kindly help me if there is any way to make it work and everything else is working in my Mountain Lion 10.8.2 iAktos
  4. xxwaseexx

    Dell 690 Network Broadcom 5752

    is it gonna work in Lenovo G580??