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  1. I'll try this and let your know the results ... Didn't work too, how do I reinstall the boot only ? Would rEFIT fix my issue ?
  2. I Tried this it doesn't work the cursor keeps blinking when I selected the installed osx partition and frozen there at this stage, I believe the MBR has an issue and I can't find a way to fix
  3. No it doesn't boot, when I select the partition of the OSX the cursors keeps blinking and freezes there, the iATKOS setup loads normally but doesn't see the OSX partition as HFSJ (while I didn't even touch it ) all I did was setting windows partition active from windows 7
  4. OSX doesn't boot anymore when I choose the OSX partition the cursor keeps blinking in the black screen and stays like that forever, I have no problem with windows, the only problem is that I can't get the osx to boot again
  5. I installed iATKOS L2 ( OSX 10.7.2 ) on my Second Primary Partition on the first disk and it was working fine with the Chameleon Boot Loader, then I logged into Windows which was on the same disk but the first partition and from Windows Management I've set Windows Partition as the Active one, I have already EasyBCD installed, now when I choose The Mac partition from the Boot Menu it says: "Chain Booting Error", and When I insert iATKOS CD and choose Mac's Partition to boot from I have 2 issues: 1-The Mac partition which i named "MacPartition" is displaying as "Windows NTFS" in the iATKOS boot menu 2-When I choose it to boot from the cursor keeps blinking and screen freezes like that I believe that the MBR is incorrect or the Bootloaders on the OSX partition is damaged or something but I could fix it I tried booting into iATKOS L2 CD and went through setup > Terminal tried fdisk -u /dev/disk0 also fdisk -e /dev/disk0 f 2 active write and all the stuff described many where in forums but non of them solved the issue, I don't wanna re install the OSX as I Installed it almost 12 times during the last week, also I downloaded many apps from the app store like (XCODE) and I don't wanna re download it. Could anyone tell me how to re-install the boot loader or fix the mbr ? Thanks in advance.
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