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  1. can you help me with the Radeon 7670m please, tried everything, installing ktext and everything. but I have a Toshiba L850 with the i7 which as the Intel 4000 HD disabled in Bios by toshiba and can't change anything, and the 7670m but even with your ktext no luck having it running

  2. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    freeuser16 may be u could use google translate to register at http://bbs.pcbeta.com. My Laptop spec - Toshiba Satellite M840, AMD HD Radeon 7670m 2GB RAM working on its screen with this kext. The VGA port is not working but the HDMI port work without audio.
  3. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    -v GraphicsEnabler=no PCIRootUID=0 Try this if the screen freeze!
  4. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    Try enable both graphic cards at bios and see what happen... boot at chameleon: -v GraphicsEnabler=no. Then go to system profiler on ur MAC, look at Graphics and PCI, >>>clue<<<, i hope u see multivideo card detected. I have no idea how to switch radeon on laptop screen cause i never face such problem but i believe only you have to patch your dsdt and edit for EFI string. Try google it :-)
  5. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    freeuser16, there's problem if u hv multi video card... i haven't explore it yet. Just for clue, look at this link
  6. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    seldy do clean install for ML, at chameleon always boot with this comandline: -v GraphicsEnabler=no PCIRootUID=0 U can set it at org.Chameleon.boot.plist for quick boot
  7. Elbert!

    I read the letter and download link. Very interesting, this program sees defaul Intel HD 4000. Radeon 7670m missing. Either manually or automatically switch to a Radeon 7670m failed. But MAC sees Radeon 7670m.

    Okay Albert, thank you very much for your help, for the links. I'll try to continue to drip ....

  8. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    mariakk, this is for AMD Readon HD 7670m.
  9. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    zab761, if on MAC seen Radeon 7670m 1GB vram then it is true...Novabench.app only check whether the quartz extreme enable; if no info on Graphics description means the pc is not supported for quartz extreme. Video Editor program such imovie need quartz extreme enable. One basic example try to maximze safari app, if you see your screen run smooth then the QE is enable. pls google about QE for further info...
  10. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    zab761, cheers!!! finally you did... Ok go to the menu > About This Mac > More Info... > System Report... > Graphics/Displays. Other alternative, use NovaBench.app. Google it you'll find it...
  11. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    zab761, ????? ????, ?? ???????? ???????????? ? ???? ??????? ?? ????? ??????????, ???? ?? ???????? ?????????? ??????????? ????? Kext ?????. 1) ? ?????? ????????? ? ??????? MAC OS ML. 2) ????? ?????????? ??? ??? ????????? Kext ???????????????. ??? ???????? ? Chameleon ??????????? ???? ????????? ??????: "-v GraphicsEnabler =no PCIRootUID = 0"
  12. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    zab761 just as simple as follow the instruction mentioned. Should work well on Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.x). Mac OS X Lion (10.7.x) not tested. My graphic card is AMD Readon HD 7670m 2GB on laptop - Toshiba Satellite M840. If fail to load then must be multi graphic card issue. Fix it at your bios or google it for further solution.
  13. elbert

    AMD Readon HD 7670m

    If stuck at Chameleon, use command: -v GraphicsEnabler=no PCIRootUID=0.
  14. Here's the kexts for this ATI AMD Radeon 7670m
  15. elbert

    ATI Radeon HD7750M

    Here's the kexts for this ATI AMD Radeon 7670m
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