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  1. pokenguyen


    Can you build Clover without text before GUI thanks!
  2. pokenguyen

    Clover Configurator

    In ACPI > DropTables, it's is MCFG not MCFC. ? Hope you will fix it soon. Thanks.
  3. pokenguyen

    Mini PCI BCM4352HBM Fully Working with Handoff

    BT patch, broadcom extreme patch and handoff patch are not from toleda.
  4. pokenguyen

    Clover Configurator

    I found this bug on latest Clover Configurator: ? if you have custom entry with no INjectKExts specified, CC will assign it to false on save.
  5. pokenguyen

    Clover Configurator

    And GUI > Custom Entry > "BootBgColor", type string like "FF0000FF" (RGBA)
  6. pokenguyen

    Clover Configurator

    Please add new keys in Boot section: UseCustomLogo BooleanUseAlternateLogo BooleanThank you
  7. pokenguyen

    Clover Configurator

    Can you add "Start Screen" to the sidebar for quick access to config.plist files?
  8. pokenguyen

    Hackintosh Vietnam - Ultimate AIO Tool

    Most kexts will work with Yosemite except AppleHDA Patch not working due to bcc9 script.
  9. pokenguyen

    Clover Configurator

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! ? I also see you reduced the size of CC dramatically! It's now only 2.3MB with zip, I recommend you ask JrCs to add THIS SUPERIOR program to Clover Installer.
  10. pokenguyen

    Clover Configurator

    Please restore CC 3.x behavior, many newcomer have problem with the import/ export, and the open/save now become useless. ? It was a very good and recommended program before....
  11. pokenguyen

    Clover Configurator

    Another bug: ? - If config.plist has Legacy = False, the Legacy box will still be checked after importing.
  12. pokenguyen

    Clover Configurator

    Bug in CC 4.3.0: ? - If I set Scan to Custom and uncheck Legacy > CC will remove the Legacy key, and Clover will use default value : True, Legacy entries show up. ? It's better to set Legacy to False like 3.x
  13. pokenguyen

    Clover Configurator

    Hi mackie100, I really don't like the new Config-project you use in new version, I don't understand its function. And I have to use Import, Export for config.plist ? I prefer old implementation. ? Thank you for your hard work.
  14. pokenguyen

    iASL & Intel ACPI Tools x64

    The correct one is iasl -da DSDT.aml SSDT*.amlbecause other .aml can not be decompiled. The output is DSDT.dsl, SSDT1.dsl,... SSDT4.dsl, and they are exactly like the output of those: iasl -e SSDT*.aml -d DSDT.amliasl -e DSDT.aml SSDT2.aml SSDT3.aml SSDT4.aml -d SSDT1.amliasl -e DSDT.aml SSDT1.aml SSDT3.aml SSDT4.aml -d SSDT2.amliasl -e DSDT.aml SSDT1.aml SSDT2.aml SSDT4.aml -d SSDT3.amliasl -e DSDT.aml SSDT1.aml SSDT2.aml SSDT3.aml -d SSDT4.aml