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  1. Thank you for the kind answer, kyndder - no pun intended. The issue is the odd behavior when GI is set to yes: not the indefinite spinning pinwheel under the Apple logo as usually happens when graphics fail to load: the boot freezes instead. That's really unusual. Perhaps Fau7i can indeed help me if he has experience with this kind of graphics working in conjunction with Clover UEFI: Chameleon/Legacy Clover is not an option at the moment. All the best!
  2. Hi, folks! Is there any special set of instructions to enable QE/CI for the HD 3000 graphics (from a i7-2600) with Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and a Z77-D3H motherboard using Clover in UEFI mode? I'm using Clover version 17xx (don't know the last two digits) with a MacBookPro8,1 SMBIOS in my config.plist, and recently even deleted all my kexts and install others (patched for 10.8.2) from a link provided elsewhere by Fau7i. With GraphicsInjector=No i get full resolution but no QE/CI, when GraphicsInjector is set to yes, the boot seems to freeze where the desktop should arrive (the pinwheel below the gray apple stops to spin, just like it does on a healthy system when the desktop is about to come, but it just hangs there). Any help on this would be very much appreciated.
  3. Hello, folks! What's the equivalent of darkwake=10 (not zero, ten!) in Clover? This flag - which is in fact passed verbatim to the kernel, it's important to register - is the only way to fix auto sleep in my system. Done with Chameleon, i'd like to fix it as well in Clover UEFI, my bootloader of choice. All the best!
  4. Hi, kyndder! Tried your fixes and some others, yet i'm stuck with 6 P-states, one of them is useless (12, when the minimum for my CPU is 16) and only one turbo state, 36. But it's way better than no PM, so i'll stick with it for now, since, on the bright side of things, i fixed legacy boot for Clover and the wake bug for UEFI boot, so now i can use Clover in either mode i want. All the best! P.S.: it's also reporting 16GB when i have only 8GB installed. Funny. But doesn't really bothers me, as long as it doesn't impair performance.
  5. Max. multiplier is already set to 38 in the config! But i could as well change min. multiplier to 8 (instead of 4) and undervolt to 0 (instead of 2) and add the Turbo key. Will do and report back! All the best!
  6. Hi, kyndder! Amazingly enough, this stress test brought indeed another P-state, but at the bottom! Multiplier of 12. And i remember my workaround (in fact, xpamamadeus') included a "under volt step" flag set to "2". Perhaps that means my CPU will run colder at idle state, and that's not bad (my minimum multiplier with Chameleon+SSDT is 16). So now, MSR dumper report six P-states instead of five. Still not getting the higher turbo states though:the highest turbo state i get is 36, is good, but i know my CPU can reach 38. All the best!
  7. Kyndder, i started this all with Macmini6,2, then 6,1 (because i have an i5 3570K), then iMac 13,1. Clover doesn't load my custom SSDT (generated by Pike's script) with any system definition. I'm using a modded iMac 13,1 profile, but because of this - or despite of this - i have 7 p-states with Chameleon and only 5 (but better than 2!) with Clover UEFI. All the best!
  8. Exactly the procedure i follow, but with a iMac 13,1 profile. Unfortunately, no joy. The upside is, the workaround from xpamamadeus i'm using solved the reboot after wake bug for me with Clover UEFI, and it enables at least one Turbo state, multiplier 36, so my geekbench scores and perceived performance went back to "normal" (normal being what i used to get with iMac 12,2 and no PM, having only 16 and 36 as P-states). All the best!
  9. Hi, Kyndder! It appears Clover r. 1287 is having some grudges with my custom SSDT: it won't load it no matter if i place it in the root of my HDD or in /Clover/ACPI/Patched. Tried set the flags "DropOemSSDT=Yes" and GenerateC and P states to "No", to no avail. Now i got PM with a messy Ivy Bridge PM workaround developed by xpamamadeus, since GenerateIvyStates also doesn't work as it should, and i'm getting five P-States (should be 7, that's what i get with gool ol'Cham + custom SSDT). Is there a way to make my custom SSDT be loaded by Clover? Another issue: since i updated to r. 1287, i cannot anymore boot in legacy mode: the "7" appears, but it never gets to the boot screen. Is there a fix for this? Much appreciated! P.S.: wich you a smooth recovery!
  10. EDIT 2: the fix to HDMI audio also fixed wake from sleep for me!
  11. EDIT: I solved the issue myself! Sort of a facepalm solution: i had this AppleHDA kext from Mirone (the guy really rocks!) and remembered i haven't try it in conjunction with GraphicsEnabler=No and PCIRootUID=0. I don't know which of the flags did the trick, but now HDMI audio works a wonder! The lesson learned: don't exclude any option, the most redundant it seems, without testing it! Anyway, i still need help for the black screen upon wake: any ideas? Thanks again!
  12. Nithy, thanks for answering and sorry it took me so long to answer. The fact is i had already enabled QE/CI for the card before your methods came to my knowledge, simply by adding 0x68F91002 in both ATI5000Controller.kext and AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext (under AMDCedarRadeonAccelerator) and booting with GraphicsEnabler=Yes (GE=No works but makes the system reports my card as a HD5000). By the way, i think the method i describe is rather similar to your method 1 and i indeed have black screen upon wake from sleep (HDMI monitor). Any known solution? Because i've been trying to solve the HDMI audio issue for a while now, l also already have HDMI audio edits in my DSDT: HDMI appears in both SysPrefs and SysInfo and the sound icon becomes greyed out as soon as i chose HDMI as audio interface, yet i have absolutely no sound output at all. Both with VoodooHDA and a patched AppleHDA (but the latter also fails to enable internal audio anyway). Can you take a look at my DSDT? Here's the link: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=121017 All the best!
  13. The problem is the latest Mountain Lion kernel doesn't support nVidia graphics solutions yet. Stay with Lion, but go get a better kernel for it on Insanelymac. Use Bronzovka's RC8 kernel, and 10.7.5. At the moment, it's the best and most stable setup for AMD hackintoshes. All the best!
  14. Hi, Nithy! Thank you very much more for answering! 1) I'm not sure i understood the question: i thought the device ID for HDMI audio was the same as the card itself (in this case, 0x68f91002). Or is it the device ID shown in IOReg under HDAU? In this case, it's 68 aa. 2) I am really taking a hard time editing it, thank you very much for offering help. How can i send you my dsdt.aml? All the best!
  15. Hi, Nithy! Can you explain how to enable HDMI audio only? My 5450 already works gorgeously through the HDMI port with full 1080p resolution and QE/CI, but i cannot enable audio, and i think i didn't understand the steps needed to install the DSDT patches. Can you reply with a sequential step by step guide for install those patches in a previously unpatched dsdt? Thank you very much, Nithy, and keep up the good work!
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