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  1. Cool! Thanks, and good luck everybody!
  2. Have you tried using the DSDT from the link in the post that's just before yours? P5Q and P5Q Deluxe can use the same DSDT I think.
  3. The DSDT is complete, but because of this it must be recognizing all your hardware, even if you have an IDE unit. Do you have an IDE DVD Drive? If so, you have three options: ? A-Disconnect it. B-Replace it with a SATA DVD Drive. C-Install a patch for the IDE DVD Drive. ? Please, confirm if you have an IDE DVD Drive or not. If you have it, I will provide you a patch to try. If you only have SATA drives, and AHCI configured and activated in your BIOS, then I will need to add the Audio info on your old DSDT, but it's preferred that you use the DSDT I provided.
  4. You must use de DSDT.aml file that I linked in the post above. Then install the two kexts, repair permissions, rebuild cache, and restart.
  5. I see that your DSDT doesn't have the required information for this files to work. Please, try this one, it shoud work: P5Q-DELUXE DSDT
  6. It works great on Mavericks. In fact, it is modified to work in 10.9 Your problem may be that you aren't using a dsdt file with HDEF info in it. Please, contact me here and I will give you a proper dsdt for your mobo that works with these two files.
  7. Well, I have changed the Layout-ID by following the instructions in that post, but when I restarted, nothing have changed, the Audio were still recognized with ID 12. In that same post, ErmaC points that in X58 motherboards you should use a HDAEnabler.kext because you can't use the HDEF edit in DSDT. It appears a little strange, but I accepted his word. ? What BIOS version are you using, and what DSDT? Mine is directly extracted from my own system and patched by me long ago, so maybe it has a problem and that's why all the HDEF changes doesn't have any effect.
  8. 1,364 downloads

    Hi! This is AppleHDA.kext v 12E47 patched by ErmaC to work with AD2000b. It works great on Mavericks, but to enable it you have to edit the HDEF section of your DSDT to match Layout-ID 99. So, if you don't know how to modify it, or have an Intel X58 based motherboard (as me) and the modifications doesn's have anny effect, then you can install HDAEnabler.kext included on this package, to make the necessary changes to Layout-ID for AppleHDA to work. So, resuming, install this 2 kexts included in the zip file, and done. Sound works great, including optical out.
  9. Hi all! ? I will try to be brief with the description, but at the same time I will explain the problem in detail. ? I have a hackintosh system since 10.7, and to activate sound on this hack I use a package of kexts that I downloaded here on this same website. By installing those four kexts, I got fully functional sound, including not only the traditional 1.8" plugs outputs, but SPDIF and Digital Optical too, with no crackling sound, and excellent volume in full 5.1 sound. That package of four kexts have been working through all versions of Lion and Mountain Lion. When I needed to upgrade the system to a newer version, I just only have to reinstall those kexts, and done: sound working great. ? But now with Mavericks (10.9) it's a different story. I upgraded from 10.8.5 to 10.9, and when I installed those four kexts and rebooted, I found that the system gets stuck at boot. I tried to boot it with different flags and multiple combinations, but none of that worked. So, I reinstalled the system by restoring a TimeMachine backup, and tried again. Same result. I've been trying different things since then, and I cannot activate sound as with previous versions. So, I decided to track down the problem, and I found that the culprit is AppleHDA.kext of that package. If I install the other 3 kexts, I get no sound but I can boot the system just fine. If I install AppleHDA.kext from that package, the system becomes unbootable. But I need those four to get the sound working as in previous OS X versions if I wamt to use the same activation method. ? This is a list of things that I already tried with no success: ? -Found another AppleHDA.kext patched for AD2000b that is supported by 10.9 and installed it along the other 3 kexts, but it didn't work. ? -Installed AppleHDA.kext patched for AD2000b and patched my DSDT HDEF code from Layout-id 12 (0c) to Layout-id 99 (63) as instructed on the page where I downloaded the file, but it doesn't work for me, since I have an Asus Rampage II Gene motherboard, and it's Intel X58 based, and I read that for Intel X58 motherboards I need to inject HDEF with an injector. That leads me to the next step. ? -Installed again the AppleHDA.kext patched for AD2000b, and activate the module HDAEnabler.dylib in Chameleon. Inserted the key "HDAEnable=Yes" in org.chameleon.boot.plist and restarted. Nothing. Then I've added the key "HDEFLayoutID=63" and restarted. Still nothing. (Also tried putting 63000000 and 00000063). I tried the same but with the key "HDAULayoutID=63" instead of HDEF. And even tried with the two together. ? These are some things I saw: ? In About this Mac - More Info - System Information - Hardware - Audio, I can see that the audio information is recognized there, as an Intel HD Audio, with ID 12. No matter if I try the DSDT HDEF edit from 12 to 99, or the HDEF injection with Chameleon, I still see the same information and the same ID number. BUT if I install HDAEnabler.kext, and HDEFEnabler.kext from the first package (the 4 kexts package), then the ID number for the audio device change to 889. I don't know if that info could help to find a solution, but jut to be sure I'm trying to put everything here. ? Resuming: -I can't use the 4 kext package that I've been using so far, because the file AppleHDA.kext from that package breaks the boot process of Mavericks and the only solution is to reinstall the system or restore to a TimeMachine backup. -I can't use the AppleHDA.kext patched for AD2000b with support for Mavericks, because I cannot find a way to change the Layout-id for HDEF on my system from 12 to 99, as needed for that file to work. ? If anyone knows how can I solve this problem (and many others with the same mobo or other similar versions), please share your knowledge, that would be awesone. ? Thank you in advance. ? EDIT: After trying different things all the night, and reading multiple forums messages, I found the solution! The newer AppleHDA.kext, and HDAEnabler.kext modified to put LayoutID=99. Nothing more. It works great. ? Files attached ready to use for anyone with the same problem. ? Sound AD2000B Mavericks 10.9 AppleHDA.12E47 + HDAEnabler.zip
  10. First of all, thanks for this files. I have this package working since 10.7. It works great until 10.8.5 inclusive. But 10.9 breaks the compatibility, because if you install it the system won't boot anymore. The problem is with AppleHDA.kext. The other 3 kexts intalls just fine in Mavericks, but when you install this patched AppleHDA.kext included in this package, that is when the problem begind, and you have to reinstall Mavericks again or recover it from a TimeMachine backup prior to the installation. Does anyone now how to solve this problem, to get full functionality with this kexts on Mavericks? Thanks in advance.
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