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  1. Répare Les autorisations avec kextwizart
  2. Hello this is a utility which l have can add has the key of boot usb mavericks10.9 in the file(case) Applications as have tends has to restart with the flag- x the extensions are not operational thus if the utilitaitre is already on l usb of much easier boot cest for it to acceder
  3. hello ?your pc reboot because your CPU= HASWELL ? ? good luck i dont say is this possible !!! sorry for my english very poor
  4. hello your pc is reboot because this >>>> ? cpu=haswell
  5. romeomalik


    it s good realtek 8188cus for 10.9 Mavericks ? ? http://www.realtek.c...=true # RTL8188cus ? ?
  6. hello it s good for Mavericks 10.9 GM youhouuuuu? thank's
  7. hello installation with clover bootloader the last version ? ?
  8. hello same installation k52jv / k52jr / A52JR? ?
  9. hello installe not a options GUID? installe whith options MBR ?? sorry for my inglish very poor look the install for K55VD it s same?
  10. romeomalik

    Radeon 7650M

    You n will have that hd4000 which(who) will work in bios deactivate your graphics board then makes the stakes has in the daytime because for l moment your graphic chipset hd4000 has only 512mo aores the stakes has in the daytime you will have 1024;)
  11. thank is good for my asus k52jv not optimus gt540m for 10.9 dp1
  12. hello This kext is finished on no account you will have ethernet with!! Your Mac address will thus be falsified recognized but not usable card(map)
  13. hello petite astuce pour un super bon fonctionnement vous DLL => Darwin Dumper / dump all ou simplement l audio ensuite installez vodoohda v2,,, reboot et hop nikel chrome si le son est faible augmentez le gain dans preferencessysteme/voodoohda / gain comme precisez ci dessus
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