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  1. Ghoys

    iStat Mini

    Hey guys. Do you have iStat Mini app? That app is work on notification center as widget. Monitoring your cpu, memory. I really love this app, but i can't buy on appstore. If you have that app, please upload here. Thanks
  2. I was just looking for a motherboard why kernel panic when waking from sleep. I get way, namely by installing voodootscsync.kext. Ok, my mobo managed to get up. But to sleep with a very long duration, I get a kernel panic again "kext Unloaded now disabled. Blaa Blaa Blaa" It happens sometimes erratic. Sometimes can wake sometimes fail. I see the ECS mobos should use voodootscsync. But why is mine only managed to get up from sleep sometimes? It makes me hesitate to euthanize computer. There may be a DSDT edit? BIOS settings? Or kext? I use clover, edited DSDT, patched SSDT from SSDTPrGen i3 2130. Thanks ? This messages is from console.
  3. Hello all. Now I do not have windows. BTW, is there a way flashing the bios using a Mac? I think DPCIManager can do. But I don't know how. Thanks
  4. Ghoys

    VIA VT 1705

    You certainly bring luck
  5. Ghoys

    VIA VT 1705

    Thanks for link. Now is working
  6. Ghoys

    VIA VT 1705

    Menu bar volume isn't working. Can't reduce volume.
  7. Ghoys

    VIA VT 1705

    Hello are. I hope you success hacking OS X? Now, my problem only on sound. My via vt 1705 not working. I install aio audio solution from slytherin. But, vlomue bar goes nothing(can't change volume) I've tried voodoo hda 282 for my audio. Isn't work! Please give me kext that work with my sound. ECS H61H2-M12. i3 2310. GeForce gt210. Thanks.
  8. Fixed! Its very easy! Just remove BOOTX64.efi from hiden menu clover. Insert windows disk boot disk from clover, select UEFI disk, repair. Simple
  9. Hey all I hope you can help me. I recently format my MBR disk to GPT partition using software. Next, I can't boot without clover USB, BDC erro. In clover show Microsoft EFI boot(I can boot windows from this options using clover). then I install OS X with chameleon. Fine OS X boot without usb but now my Windows can't boot. I can't repair with windows ⅞ DVD. This is very big problem for me, I can't play PES, nVidia optimus can't enable with OS X! So, without delete my partition, how to fix this? Anyone if know how to fix this, i hope he can help me. Thanks ? ACER ASPIRE V3-471G Core i5.
  10. I just run myhack. But myhack damage my hard disk os x. I then installed osx again. And backup all the data. But when I would restore my data. Migration assistant says if I keep osx installG disk media. How to delete osx installation media? I want to reverse my important data. Help me!
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